Hey, I’m looking for a new job with approx. 10h/week accompanying my studies. I currently live in Bonn, Germany, but am also open to work 100% remote. My main field of expertise lies in software development, backend development and system administration!
Furthermore I am experienced with:
- Python, Django
- Rust
- Nix(OS)

For more info check out my CV at cv.leona.is


"Hier haben die Knechte des Nikotins die Möglichkeit zu rauchen. Aber bitte nicht in den Türen, da haben wir ganz empfindliche Rauchmelder."

I'm know reachable over phone network: 5662

Why the fuck stops this train in Oberhausen after Dusburg? That's just 5min with an RE

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Why must everything have to be in the cloud™ now? I don't want to use this overly complex AWS crap to just run a privileged GitLab Runner. Why can't i just use a NixOS 😢?


“The true mathematician is pedantic, and requires that mathematics is precise. Without precision mathematics is nothing. Without it we cannot build with one concept placed on top of another. If one of the ideas is vague or open to different interpretations by different parties, then errors can creep in and the endeavour is unsound.”

So true, not just for mathematics.

Is there a way how to transfer encrypted Matrix chats to a new account without losing history? I found out that Element should share the encryption keys, but in the new account I cannot see the history.

trying to implement webauthn - fun fun fun

OH: Ich kriege Kopfschmerzen vom Nachdenken über das was ich als Nächstes sagen möchte

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