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On my ~5 year old mid-range computer (& my ~1 year old mid-range computer), I need to use the mobile versions of twitter & facebook because loading the desktop version of twitter literally hangs my web browser for twenty minutes.

I need to kill and restart slack every week or two, because it accumulates all available ram and starts to eat into my swap space. (I only use slack at all because I need to for work.)

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Starting with Chrome 69, logging into a Google Site is tied to logging into Chrome.

(I created a blog for occasions where 500 characters just aren't enough)

symlinking truss to strace on is a quick and easy fix for htop's "s" key.

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Die wichtigste politische Forderung dieser Tage kommt von...

»Kulturschaffende fordern: "Seehofer soll zurücktreten"«

Mögen sich ihnen viele anschließen!

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and that isn't really a dig on Linus' technical skills, it is just merely an observation that if your job involves leading a FOSS community, his performance would be deemed unacceptable in many cases these days.

that is a good thing.

we create the situations we enable.
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Have you heard like in china they do the surveillance and trust score bad stuff?
Look at this:

"Apple is quietly giving people 'trust scores' based on their iPhone data"


Is there a way to follow someone but filter their boosts?

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- alpine local mail set up
- IRC set up
- nginx set up
- ssh pubkey authentication set up
- torrent seeding daemon set up

nand.club is almost soon to be launched! if you'd like to join, let me know your desired username and send me a public RSA key for me to install!

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@GreenandBlack I think there's a deeper problem to the security theatre.

We've bred a culture where people think it's ok to do anything they like unless someone's watching them. If someone's watching, people are more likely to behave. And that attitude is used to justify putting cameras everywhere. And, to a limited extent, maybe it has some effect.

But instead, we should be teaching kids (and adults FFS) that some things are still wrong no matter who's watching.

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This security theatre inherently assumes guilt until proof of innocence. These wannabe soldiers assume they're here for my protection, but the fact they exist there assumes the possibility of a guilty subject. I couldn't call the police to tell them to stop terrorising us with the presence of literal assault weapons, I have no choice in the matter of whether or not they should be there. And were I to speak up, they could then assume my guilt. Using the threat of terrorism, to justify terrorism.

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first image hosted on digitalocean spaces.....

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@ente it alternatively could be "you is what you knows, kids." which is good advice.

Actually now that I think about it, it's friday and people normally do this follower friday thing.

Since this week was a pretty bad week for the internet in the EU, here are some organizations which support (digital) civil rights, in no particular order:


(please add more, especially from outside the German speaking part of Europe)

Shameless plug: come to and support la quadrature :P

Curious about who brought the laquadrature.net posters to

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Grund für die Räumung im : „Gefahr im Verzug für Leib und Leben der Baumhausbewohner aus Brandschutzgründen“

Vor zwei Wochen hatte die Polizei übrigens zahlreiche Feuerlöscher beschlagnahmt.


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