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thoughts on gender 

I'm a girl

But I'm also a boy who dresses like a girl

Exactly these two things, nothing in between and nothing third. I think. It's weird, I know.

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The Mysterious Candy Theft, part 1 

Eine Kurzgeschichte, die ich vor ca. 1 Jahr für Instagram gemacht habe

USB rant 

überhaupt, USB anzünden

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USB rant 

Wer hat sich das eigentlich ausgedacht, dass Stromversorgung mit USB-Netzteilen anders ausgehandelt wird als mit Hostgeräten?
Als Folge davon gibt's jetzt Geräte, die sich nur am Computer aufladen lassen, aber nicht am Powerbrick 🙄

OH: "die Cuteness eines Cuties ist unancutebar" @maris

OH: "Hallo ich bin die Evelyn und ich bin süß"

Was für günstige und leise Hardware will mensch denn benutzen um sich ein NAS zu bauen?

shitpost, plastik, russisch 

Weichmacher nur noch mit ь markieren

finnish gender shitpost 

jos sinulla on 2 sukupuolta, onko se 1 sukukokonainen?

Gibt's grad irgendwelche brauchbaren Matrix-Rocketchat-Bridges?

Was gibt es denn so an nicen kyrillischen Keyboard Layouts, die eins lernen will?

hot take 

science using NNs is like: aaahh let's just try out 100000 different architectures and parameter stacks and use the one that makes good results

without giving any explanation on whyyyyy exactly these parameters are good (because noone knows, we're just doing trial-and-error until it looks nice)

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hot take 

Neural networks are a pile of shit and we should stop using them for everything

linguistics, colonialism, rant 

also, the Zulu language course at my university was led by a white man.
Zulu is a language of South Africa.
The entire discipline of linguistics need to be decolonized soo much >.>

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linguistics, colonialism, rant 

European universities are building up networks to teach and develop the Mari and Mansi languages.

Guess who's not invited? Universities from the speaker regions, where actual L1 speakers work and live 🙄

Nah, of course some Germans, Austrians and Swedes know better how to teach Mari 🤡


Was ausscheidet:
- Gentoo, weil zu wenig Rechenleistung dafür
- NixOS, weil es mir den Verstand raubt
- Archlinux, weil der ZFS-Support nicht vorhanden bis unzumutbar ist
- Debian weil nein

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Empfehlt mir pls ne Linux-Distro mit gutem ZFS-Support und wenig Schmerzen und halbwegs aktuellen Paketen.

bi-beverage: a person who drinks coffee AND tea

gender foo, 4/4 

In practice, for most matters, you can just treat me like a binary trans girl. I use the same pronouns (she/her). I take the same hormone therapy (E2+P4+Bica). I'm a girlfriend, a daughter, gimme all the feminine words.

I'm still also a boy though. A gender-nonconforming boy, who wears make-up, leggings and shoulder-free tops. A boy who prefers she/her pronouns over anything.
But if you use that knowledge to exclude me from female spaces, you deserve to bath in horse shit.

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gender foo, 3/4 

But the more things I have that cis people can see as 'evidence' for my femaleness, the less I need to care. The more I can live out the feminine boy in me.

Ceterum censeo that cis people are shit, and we shouldn't need 'evidence' for our genders!

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gender foo, 2/4 

This also has a bit to do with privilege. Nowadays I have a passport with a correct gender marker and correct names on it. Also, I have visible boobs. Both of these make it easier to pass as female whenever it is important to me.

Before that, being perceived as somehow male caused a whole lot of dysphoria to me. So, identifying as bigender was absolutely not an option back then. Instead, I id'd as agender, then neutrois, then femby, then binary girl. Most importantly: not male!

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gender foo, 1/4 

So, what does it mean when I say I am bigender?

It means I have two genders. In my case that's 'girl' and 'femboy'. Or 'girl' and 'twink'. Or 'girl' and 'disaster'.

Most of the time I do not really care if I'm perceived as a girl, or just a very feminine boy.

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