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Thanks to the greedy horse skull industry monopoly I can't afford to get my girlfriend the christmas present she didn't know she wanted

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Fun data table feature: using a segment tree of an array with values the column entry widths we can query the maximum entry width inside a range in ~O(logn) time. No need for a column to be wide because of a large value that's 5 pages later!

Are you comfortable with ? Would you like to contribute to with mentoring?

I've started compiling some easy TODOs on . We will figure these out together. If you're interested send a private toot, email me epilys at or join on freenode. terminal mail client

For what it's worth, JMAP, which no one uses yet, is coming to meli as well.

This will raise the count of mail storages of to five: maildir, mbox, imap, notmuch and jmap

Does anyone have experience with openSUSE Build Service and is willing to help me a bit with packaging ?

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The #newsserver main #newsgroups are now relayed to #MailingList(s) for those who prefer #email to #NNTP. 🎉

Main lists are: #computer #nature #science #politics & #solarpunk

#Google #Microsoft and #Yahoo addresses will not be allowed, sorry. Consider getting an address with a less snoopy provider.

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Uploaded my process viewer to Try it with `cargo install bb`

Citybound, a one-dev free software city simulation project. Very impressive despite being in early stages.

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