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Is there any community/link aggregator interested in technology and intellectual curiosity that is like with a leftist perspective? boosts welcome!

Something like, but not just about technology.

I'm infinitely grateful for the one person that uses my project and takes time to complain about it on IRC -- I wouldn't have fixed all those UX bugs otherwise.

This has been circling around the greek internet in the past few days. TV is trash. Eat the rich. Help the mentally ill/homeless.

Familiar with and user? a terminal mail client needs native osx timers to be ported, an easy way to contribute! feel free to boost.

Implemented temporary files on RAM for using linux's memfds but won't open them properly; it would be great to open html attachments without saving them in disk.

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There's a special place in hell for the people who wrote the email message RFCs, especially the folding whitespaces.

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Do you use notmuch? I personally don't, so I'd like to know how to make it easier for not much users to use it inside meli.

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This is essentially a header /flags cache, such as that you don't have to redownload everything everyone you open the email client. Message content is not (yet) cacheable

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I have been hacking meli's offline IMAP cache lately. Lots of edge cases to get right still. I'd appreciate if you can test and give feedback - don't worry it won't delete your mail, at worst it might screw up a flag or two.

Mommy, why is there a bunch of old computer peripherals on your desk?

I've been thinking about making a mailing list server/manager the last few days. Wished use cases: regular mailing lists for foss collaboration, but also autosetup of post lists for static blog comment sessions (via webhooks or w/e)

If you're interested in taking part you can find me on on freenode

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Just committed TeX Live 2020 for #OpenBSD :)

And just realized that I've been maintaining TeX Live for 13 years...

email clients leaking local files because of a non standard mailto URL ?attach= parameter. Why was this a good idea then? This naiveté is alarming.

Mailto: Me Your Secrets. On Bugs and Features in Email End-to-End Encryption"

How do you keep motivated to work on your FOSS projects? I am a firm believer in doing stuff for personal fun and enjoyment, but sometimes there is zero drive.

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Slides for my talk tonight on JS memory leaks are up! It has the speaker notes, so hopefully it's close to the real-live experience 🙂

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