Can i use gpg?
Please add automatic or not download post

@k0nto I don't understand what you mean. Are you asking if meli supports gpg?

Yes support for encrypting mail using gpg.
And i. Cant compiling meli on raspberry pi zero

@k0nto Unfortunately not yet, but it should be easy to implement. Can you send me log of the errors you got?

@epilys i would send you a issue on git repo but i can t create a count. Please tell me email your or accept account /send verification mail

@k0nto Try to login and it lets you resend the verification e-mail. Let me know if it doesn't work.

@epilys not work.

Is possible to add example of using Text ui from mali.?

@epilys I like the word-play in the software name (hint: meli means "female" in #tokipona).

@mpts 🙃 That's a nice coincidence. meli means honey in Greek and sounds a bit like mail... I was always anxious about people appreciating this word play in particular

@epilys oh I'm excited about this. I've been a pine/alpine fan for (gulp) decades now but the more the merrier...

@gra Thank you! It's still WIP but functional if you'd like to try. We're also on freenode

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