@epilys You can see through the page to the text on the reverse side:
"7 Remote login with telnet"

I suspect this astral traveler will have his silver cord cut for his unencrypted sins.

@epilys @Gargron sometimes it’s nice to sit back and admire just how magical networked computing can be

@epilys "Help, my system is haunted! I think there's a ghost in the shell!"

@epilys Especially when you're SSHing into a port on a remote machine that's actually a reverse port-forward from another machine somewhere else behind a firewall!

@epilys wait, did you add that alt text, or is it embedded in the metadata of the image? my mastodon client let me peep it with a force touch:

@emory Yes I did, mastodon lets you provide alt text for people with vision difficulty and as a way to provide context :)

@epilys I have certainly been receptive to there being a higher power on occasions. Like that time five days ago when half my node_modules got assigned different permissions.

@epilys 🤔 I need to learn how to use ssh. I bought a pi to test it on.

@epilys Lmao it's me when I log into my desktop from the other room

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