Would you be interested in using my terminal email client meli but bummed out for some reason? You can help select a reason why if any applies to you:

@epilys trying to compile meli on OpenBSD, I'll let you know how it goes

@epilys well this didn’t work :( but it could be easier if rust-openssl-sys wasn’t picky about libressl versions

@julienxx Oh no, it should work. Are you using the latest version of rust-openssl-sys? Are you on -current?

@epilys I’m on current yes because of my relatively new laptop so it has LibreSSL 3.2. Tried to use a fork that knows this version but then I got into dependency hell with reqwest, crossbeam and others and gave up

@julienxx I'm sorry, I haven't used openbsd since like 6.0 and have no idea about rust packaging :( Thanks for trying to compile it though

@epilys well rust and OpenBSD works pretty well, the only issue I always get is with the rust-openssl-sys which lags a bit since OpenBSD adopts new versions quicker I guess

@epilys will try again when rust-ssl get a new release :) I’d really love to have meli on my system

@julienxx ssl is only needed for JMAP, so you can either remove it from the default features in Cargo.toml or set default-features = false in the cargo build invocation and cherry pick which features you want

@julienxx Oh no, I forgot IMAP uses SSL as well (duh??) I guess you can turn that off as well, if {J,I}MAP isn't what you use

@epilys "migrating from notmuch+friends is too much" O:)

@epilys but have been watching the project with interest!! Thanks!

@skyr DAV is a bad protocol, it's old, clunky and there's variation on protocol adherence for clients and servers. If JMAP wasn't on the way, I'd consider it. I have added basic read-only support for vcardfiles, so if you sync with CardDAV to your filesystem meli can read those files.

@epilys I don't know. I find myself comfortable with Geany and Thunderbird. I don't see what added value can give me an email app on CLI

@surveyor3 it's for ppl that work in the cli… so maybe not for your.

@surveyor3 Fair enough, I should have directed my question to terminal people instead. A GUI is technically possible but not a priority atm.

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