Follow is a community about everything that piques your curiosity and interest. To quote others before us: "anything that gratifies one's intellectual curiosity".

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@epilys what about making the logo link to the home page? Clicked on it a number of times already

@caffo Kept thinking and forgetting about this, doing it now 🤦‍♀️

@epilys just looking at this for the first time! What’s the scope of this project? Is there a article about your vision for it? Is federation on the map?

@liaizon No not federation 🤔 I feel like it's a ton of technical work for little gain. I took a look at the ActivityPub protocol to implement it but the whole posting updates to follower inboxes complexity discouraged me.

The scope is to have good discussions and get to know people. While the project is now 3-4 weeks old it has pretty much all basic functionality. Might implement a mailing list mode in the future.

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