I wrote a single file NNTP server library in python with no dependencies that allows you to build NNTP servers/bridges for your communities with ease! I've added two example servers, one static one and one that mirrors the top posts from hacker news

@epilys Back in the nineties I had to switch to because the usenet was so vast that everything else would just fall over. How many groups can your NNTP daemon manage and what sort of throughput are you benchmarking?

@isobel it's not a daemon, just a library. There's also no support for transit mode; just reading articles! But implementing transit should be straightforward

@epilys So the example functions like an RSS client?

@isobel yes. I use this library for a forum bridge, which supports posting if you're authenticated with your forum account

@isobel you can implement your own storage/logic in general, and let the library handle the article-header request cycle with the client

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