How it feels to use const generics in Rust with #[repr(C)] to force a const array to end with a sentinel (non-NULL) value (required by FFI)


I drew my girlfriend's dog (right) and framed it as a joke and she drew mine (left) in return so I framed it as well

I'm amazed with my girlfriend's art skills: she drew me enfolding my dog, Octavius and it's incredible

tired: 🐶 emoji
wired: 𐙼 glyph from the undeciphered ~1500BCE Linear A minoan language

I accidentally made a new project: toy full-text-search manpage index tool with sqlite3

The notable thing about it is that it has a custom IO layer that g{,un}zips the database data implemented as an sqlite3 VFS extension with Rust FFI

Booted an ancient netbsd qcow2 I found and its ssh key randomart is a satellite dish: browsed via NNTP on a Commodore Amiga! Screenshot by a user from IRC!

The Pink Cloud, 1896, Henri-Edmond Cross

High-res here (zoom in, it's worth it): [3400 x 3023]

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