> Oh, hey, hey, hey. It's alright. Charlie, you're alright, now. You... are Paimon. One of the eight kings of Hell. We have looked to the northwest and called you in. We've collected your first female body and give you now this healthy male host. We reject the trinity and pray devoutly to you, Great Paimon. Give us your knowledge of all secret things, bring us honor, wealth, and good familiars. Bind all men to our will as we have bound ourselves for now and ever to yours. Hail, Paimon!

gtk-rs compiles and runs fine on macos! (after you `brew install gtk+3` of course)

The SVG icons failed to parse though.


Published my screen pixel ruler/protractor tool to crates.io:


install with `cargo install rlr-gtk` and run with `rlr`!

From birdsite (link in caption):

"So if you add the Highlander intro with the Sean Connery narration over the Teletubbies intro, it becomes epic."

Verifying angles are computed and drawn correctly in what I'm currently working on by using the on-screen pixel protractor I wrote a while ago. Using your own tools is great!

Font editor progress: Reading guideline information from font files, this one indicates the start of the stroke in the Ǥ glyph (G with a stroke)


Font editor progress: I got composite glyphs rendering! Bonus pics of beautiful inclusive "they" ligature from Source Sans 3


Font editor progress: trying to build a Bezier path tool (like e.g. the pen tool), step one out of ??


Font editor progress: kind of ashamed I didn't realise GTK widgets can dynamically share properties and you can use that to update other widgets instead of jiggering your own solution


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