IRC channel for mail client moved to from Freenode

Changing meli themes on the meli rust wasm demo with live theme editor + export. Useless but it's fun.

Changing meli themes on the meli wasm demo; next step is a theme editor with live preview and theme export

Fans of I tried to port it on do you find this acceptable to look at? I'm more of a black theme fan so I can't be a good judge.

A bug I discovered and reported while developing got flagged as a (minor) potential security issue, oh my

Finally sending GPG encrypted mail from :) Anyone have WKD setup and doesn't mind exchanging test mail with me?

Familiar with and user? a terminal mail client needs native osx timers to be ported, an easy way to contribute! feel free to boost.

Implemented temporary files on RAM for using linux's memfds but won't open them properly; it would be great to open html attachments without saving them in disk.

I've been thinking about making a mailing list server/manager the last few days. Wished use cases: regular mailing lists for foss collaboration, but also autosetup of post lists for static blog comment sessions (via webhooks or w/e)

If you're interested in taking part you can find me on on freenode

Anyone interested in writing an NNTP backend for meli?

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