How it feels to use const generics in Rust with #[repr(C)] to force a const array to end with a sentinel (non-NULL) value (required by FFI)


I accidentally made a new project: toy full-text-search manpage index tool with sqlite3

The notable thing about it is that it has a custom IO layer that g{,un}zips the database data implemented as an sqlite3 VFS extension with Rust FFI

Needed to improve the experience of selecting post tags for Wrote a "tag form input" thingie in pure Rust/Webassembly by following W3C recommended graceful degradation: the dynamic usage is not required since the <select> element works always even without javascript.

Enhance the user's experience, don't limit it.

here's hoping someone else finds this useful/cool: an schema for a document database with tags and other metadata, plain text or binary, with arbitrary number of files and automatic full-text indexing and back-reference indexing (zettelkasten). I have also written some tools,

1. a virtual FUSE filesystem written in , allowing you to view the documents as regular files
2. a basic GUI in /#django

portable sqlite file document database update: wrote a virtual filesystem with FUSE in Rust using [0] and I can now view each file BLOB as a regular file. Next step is metadata queries using a subdirectory pattern, for example if mount point is ~/docs, ~/docs/tags/"Bills"/date/"2020" will run an sql query for entries having ("tag", "Bills") and ("date", "2020") metadata


Changing meli themes on the meli rust wasm demo with live theme editor + export. Useless but it's fun.

Changing meli themes on the meli wasm demo; next step is a theme editor with live preview and theme export

Rewriting the plan9 kit-kat clock... in Rust. With

I'm drawing the tail pendulum pixel by pixel with Bresenham's line algorithm! I'm getting there.

Spent more timing writing the comment than the code itself

(Context: handling text overflow in a form field properly in the terminal)

Finally sending GPG encrypted mail from :) Anyone have WKD setup and doesn't mind exchanging test mail with me?

Familiar with and user? a terminal mail client needs native osx timers to be ported, an easy way to contribute! feel free to boost.

Do you use notmuch? I personally don't, so I'd like to know how to make it easier for not much users to use it inside meli.

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This is essentially a header /flags cache, such as that you don't have to redownload everything everyone you open the email client. Message content is not (yet) cacheable

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I have been hacking meli's offline IMAP cache lately. Lots of edge cases to get right still. I'd appreciate if you can test and give feedback - don't worry it won't delete your mail, at worst it might screw up a flag or two.

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