I forked `structopt`'s derive macro, `structopt-derive`, to generate manpages based on the flags/subcommands/options etc you give it. (in `mdoc`)

Generated example: github.com/meli/mailpot/blob/a

Fork: github.com/epilys/structopt-de

Example cli usage: github.com/meli/mailpot/blob/a (Ctrl+F 'manpage')

gtk-rs compiles and runs fine on macos! (after you `brew install gtk+3` of course)

The SVG icons failed to parse though.


Published my screen pixel ruler/protractor tool to crates.io:


install with `cargo install rlr-gtk` and run with `rlr`!

Verifying angles are computed and drawn correctly in what I'm currently working on by using the on-screen pixel protractor I wrote a while ago. Using your own tools is great!

Font editor progress: Reading guideline information from font files, this one indicates the start of the stroke in the Ǥ glyph (G with a stroke)


Font editor progress: I got composite glyphs rendering! Bonus pics of beautiful inclusive "they" ligature from Source Sans 3


Font editor progress: trying to build a Bezier path tool (like e.g. the pen tool), step one out of ??


Font editor progress: kind of ashamed I didn't realise GTK widgets can dynamically share properties and you can use that to update other widgets instead of jiggering your own solution


Making a toy font editor... I have no idea what I'm doing, but it's fun learning along and seeing results happen.

(Btw I know the baseline/x-height guides are wrong, willfix in the future)

I parsed my first .glif (Unified Font Format standard file for describing font glyphs - "characters") in my first try, though it's upside down and mangled! (It's supposed to be the 'b' glyph)

Impressed with how reasonably fast UI prototyping is with gtk-rs. Will this demo end up a real font editor? Collaborators are welcome!


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Does the world need another font editor? No. But this is fun. (one day's work, WIP, non functional)


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