How it feels to use const generics in Rust with #[repr(C)] to force a const array to end with a sentinel (non-NULL) value (required by FFI)


@christa These are all "low-tech" solutions to real problems. I too wish for a modern terminal experience.


See "Bracketed Paste Mode" for your shell/terminal to prevent running pasted strings as a command

Also, some shells have the option to edit the current command in your editor. ZSH also has a vi mode: it lets you edit the command with vi shortcuts without leaving the shell. I have Esc+space set to launch vim with the command if I want to do something more advanced.

For previous output, you want scrollback. A terminal multiplex like tmux saves previous lines up to a configurable limit.


Listen to some happy Mozart violin concertos 🎻

@outsider That's a burden alright... Consider that an actual impostor would not feel that way though. Plus, there'd be a limit to this, you can't keep achieving stuff solely from this fake (and insulting) "charity"? So your achievements are your own.

Did you overcome impostor syndrome? replies, public or direct both welcome!

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Finished the soldering fume extractor. Made a wooden box that holds the ikea förnuftig particle and activated carbon filters and houses the six 120mm fans.

Works nicely, catches all the smoke when you solder in front of it and is not too loud at all. Filters and fans are cheap, so this gets me very good performance for far less money than any commercially available fume extractor.

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@eris vt100s were line-oriented, slow, and ttys in linux are xterm-compatible. So inertia all the way from the 60s-70s is the problem.

It's possible to write more dynamic stuff, but it's just more complicated and because usually there's no library to abstract it you opt for legacy. I think the most "advanced" lib I've seen is

@encelado As much as I want to like *roffs.. they are tedious to write. meli has three manpages in mdoc and editing them feels like a chore because of their terse syntax that's hard to parse as a human.

I drew my girlfriend's dog (right) and framed it as a joke and she drew mine (left) in return so I framed it as well

@wattdefalk Well the truth is we don't really know how ancient greek was pronounced other than some clues like poetic metre. In modern greek it's pronounced like "Eva" and it means youth.

I'm amazed with my girlfriend's art skills: she drew me enfolding my dog, Octavius and it's incredible

@encelado Wow I love it! Senofonte sounds so weird :D (in a good way)

Anabasis is incredible. Gives me goosebumps to read about such eventful lives millennia ago.

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