@phooky @jleedev it helps to frame this from the OS side: when an async task is able to continue, the owner of the resource is in charge of waking up the Rust code and let it continue. If you're doing file/network IO through the kernel with e.g. a file descriptor you're polling from user mode you'd need a special implementation for each target system, environment and OS APIs. rust stdlib is not keen on shipping with very OS-specific stuff already

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@ritualdust Coool! Can't wait :D

Are you going to do text justification and hyphenation? Maybe it's worth a try, dunno!

Sincere thanks to anyone who ever took the time to interact with me on Mastodon. I am deactivating this account.

Person: Hey internet I made X, no need for anyone to use it I just want to show people because I felt kinda proud

Specific kind of commenter: Hey why instead of X you didn't choose Y which actually can do... [comment 1/?]

@schrieveslaach because I wanted to make something fun for myself and not publish it for others to use necessarily ( i didn't put it on crates.io for example)

@spacekookie @qyliss but lazy computation! and insanely long compilation times. and all these weird language extensions you must know. Also, functional types like String = [Char] are super inefficient, who would have thunk? (pun intented) so you have to use all these other libraries to do basic stuff

by the way, it's also not actually a pure language because when you run even a hello-world it prints it on your screen (=side effect)


@spacekookie @qyliss try / cabal while waiting for this thing to get sorted 😈

I forked `structopt`'s derive macro, `structopt-derive`, to generate manpages based on the flags/subcommands/options etc you give it. (in `mdoc`)

Generated example: github.com/meli/mailpot/blob/a

Fork: github.com/epilys/structopt-de

Example cli usage: github.com/meli/mailpot/blob/a (Ctrl+F 'manpage')

I support functional programming. I believe in the separation of Church and

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