Was a long way. In the end I collected

- a dhcpcd commit by its author fixing my edge case
- changes to Nixpkgs's dhcpcd and wpa_supplicant modules that is going to be hard to upstream
- 100 lines of NixOS config on my side (also not easy to upstream)

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After only three years of sporadic but regular twiddling I may have finally achieved a Wireguard VPN setup using Linux network namespaces! It's the recommended way to use Wireguard, due to the projects homepage. wireguard.com/netns/

Feels good when ip a doesn't display my WiFi and Ethernet interface anymore when using the VPN.

One day I'll get a PR merged into the Haskell part of Nixpkgs without one single nitpick.

For the archive: Deleting ~/.fonts and ~/.cache somehow solved the problem.

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So maybe this is telling me to finally set up a transient home directory, using zfs and home-manager. Would make this class of problems much easier to debug.

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I think I arrived at my once-in-a-year NixOS fuckup. When starting sway and opening termite, the font is only displayed as rectangles. Looks good, but is terrible for doing work.

No idea what I could have done, so I guess it is an upstrem problem. But it seems to be suspiciously persistent. Even if I use Nixpkgs from a month ago, it persists across reboots. My / is wiped at every reboot, so the last remaing place where the state can be kept is home/. Worst kind of problems.

Der Markt cancelt

„Jede hierarchische Gesellschaft hat eine »cancel culture«. Wahrgenommen und debattiert wird dies erst, wenn Normen sich ändern und marginalisierte Gruppen sich zu Wort melden.“


Ich hab mir einen Account bei epetitionen.bundestag.de geklickt und eine _Woche_ später kommt die Mail mit dem Link zur Bestätigung.

Hab schon wieder vergessen welche Petition ich eigentlich zeichnen wollte.

I think I'm having kerning issues in XeTex. Do I seriously want to start debugging this?

Aus der Reihe „tocix masculinity in der Praxis“: Faschist boxt anderen Faschisten bei der Begrüßung versehentlich ins Krankenhaus.


OH: Wenn Religion Opium für das Volk ist, dann ist Esoterik das Crystal Meth der Unterprivilegierten.

I think I just saw the gnu plus linux take applied unironically.

people: What do you do if two libraries you are using have a module namespace collision? In my case I want to use Hackage packages svg-builder and svg-tree. Both expose the Graphics.Svg module.

Do I have to beg upstream to clear the namespace? Or is there any other way? I'm using just GHC with a shell.nix atm, but if there is a way I'd switch to stack or cabal.

I'm now at a point where I want to mutate state so badly…

Currently fighting with the new GitHub layout.
Sometimes I wonder: What drives these profit oriented companies to redesign their interfaces every few years? It clearly comes with a cost for the user. Why redesign something like the GitHub layout that was already perfect (imo)?

Does the reason lie in the corporate structure, where people have to pretend to improve things to not get fired? Or is it actually the users, who demand to see some "improvement" every now and then to not go away?


So yeah I found that software that distributes its release notes as an Excel spread sheet…

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