If you upgrade to 19.09, network interface names might get changed! Thats not a bug but a feature due to a systemd update.

If you want to know in advance wether you are affected or not, you can deploy the new system but not reboot it(!), then use this lovely command by wlhlm:


Thats how I made sure I don't get locked out of my VPS without a remote console.

TIL about "galactic algorithms", algorithms only reasonably applicable for datasets that are too large for our planet.


big mood

I'd love to use the inefficient tools I love to get my work done and have all the time for that.

"Missing Link: Den Kapitalismus reparieren – die große Illusion der Maker

Die Maker-Bewegung - "postkapitalistische Praxis" oder nur Bastelecke? Der letzte Teil der Reihe über technologische Heilsversprechen und den Kapitalismus."


I just woke up to so many familiar people saying they're going to try out good good thats how it begins keep going

Hey @card10badge, I just build my badge and I can start it (it shows a clock) but I'm unable to access the main menu. Only interaction possible is switching it on and off by holding the Power button. If I press any button for a short time, nothing happens. Is that a known problem?

If you are using and are present on , you can use my NixOS config for the WiFi:


I didn't manage to make sure that only their RADIUS certificate can be used, so if you know how to do it feel free to give me a hint.

of the day comes from the Ghetto . The chart shows the mortality rate among the prisoners. Second picture shows one of the mass graves.

"Re: AW: AW: RE: So lernen Sie, Ihre Mails zu lieben

Nichts darf so unwidersprochen gehasst werden wie die E-Mail. Dabei gehört sie zum Besten, was uns je passiert ist. Das Problem sind nicht unsere Mails, sondern wir."


Habt ihr manchmal das Gefühl, dass das schon irgendwie wird, mit dem Klimawandel? Dass das „Umdenken“ so langsam stattfindet? Pustekuchen.

Das muss man sich mal geben ey.

"Klassenkampf von rechts

Die "urbane Elite" besitze keine Idee von Heimat mehr, behaupten Rechte und sprechen vom "Heimatbedürfnis der einfachen Menschen". Das ist ein ahistorisches Konstrukt."


Ich bin hier gerade in Braunschweig und die haben einen vergleichsweise schicken Hauptbahnhof.

Und OHMEINGOTT sie haben im Wartebereich o.O

Hey Fediverse, I want to build a physical switch which, when toggled, changes the appearance of a website (by changing an image e.g.). The toggling experience should be as close to pull-a-lever-and-a-sign-flips as possible, so I want to minimize latency and at the same time it should be simple.

What kind of web technology do I need on the client side? Can I get around Javascript? Should I look into web sockets?

For the archive: I ended up using the SSLKEYLOGFILE feature. It must be supported by the TLS implementation, but most seem to do. In my case I used it in Firefox.

Decryption of the traffic is done in e.g. Wireshark.

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