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Feathernet: Autoconfigured Native and IPv6 Networking over Factorio Circuit Networks

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@erictapen und Äußern und Positionieren ist verdammt wichtig. Wir sind direkt am nächsten Tag ins lokale Radio eingeladen worden - hätten wir uns nicht geäußert, wäre die ganze Sache an denen wahrscheinlich auch vorbeigegangen.
Wir sind auch gerade dabei eine Infoveranstaltung zu Hausdursuchungen zu organisieren - und ich kann allen anderen Hackspaces im aktuellen politischen Klima nur dazu raten, das auch zu tun.

Die Form in der wir das gemacht haben, also das so als Blogbeitrag zu veröffenlichen, mag etwas verklemmt und minimal herüberkommen, aber das war die einzige Form, die mir zeitlich gerade machbar erschien.

Gab noch einige andere Meldungen, z.B. die vom Maschinenraum in Weimar:

Das kommt wirklich spät, aber ich kann euch sagen, dass es eine Riesenmühe war, die Veröffentlichung dieses Textes durchzubringen. Einige Mitglieder des Labs wollten auch nach mehrmaliger Weichspülung des Textes partout nicht Polizei kritisieren.

Jetzt würde mich interessieren: Gab es in euren Hackerspaces/offenen Werkstätten auch solche Debatten darüber, inwiefern man in der Sache Solidarität bekunden sollte?

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Freifunk is a literal lifesaver in many situations. I'm thinking about participating in the future in many ways.

Consider participating in your local mesh network. I'd say that this is a practical communism.

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Ich habe gerade von ddhcpd (das D steht für distributed) erfahren und bin hoch erfreut, dass das mal jemand implementiert hat. Freue mich schon darauf, das auszuprobieren.

Das Versprechen ist, das DDHCP nodes sich p2p über die Vergabe der Leases im selben IPv4-Netz einigen. Das könnte den zentralen DHCP-Server in Freifunknetzen obsolet machen.

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Btw., the IRC bot finally got put mostly into an script and has its code published. Still contains lots of hardcoded stuff, should get adjusted to be more universally usable for other conferences too (reads pentabarf schedule.xml syntax) with minimum effort. Feel free to send merge requests:

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So... after 2.5 years of owning a Thinkpad T400, first librebooting, then gradually modifying the shit out of it, I have to say that an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU is still completely sufficient for everything I'm doing today.

Everything packaged for Debian still runs perfectly smooth. And yes, this includes all the games.

I'm saying this because I want to make a stand against planned obsolescence and new hardware craze. Your old machine is very likely still fine. Please use it a little bit longer 🙂

With my new keyboard layout I can do ⚥ and ẞ and №. I like that.

When I got to my computer 20min ago, I just wanted to put on music and then go afk. Now I read about terra forming mars, a painter from Vancouver and I started reading my mail.

Avoiding this kind of distractiveness has been a goal of mine for a long time now. By using i3wm I reduced the visual complexity of my UI and when I stopped using profit-by-attention platforms like twitter, things got better.

But it's still far from perfect. Probably will always take discipline to not vanish in the web.

End of the story: It was hw failure and I got the keyboard replaced by the merchant.

Hey everyone, if my superkey (the "windows" key) on my thinkpad T430 doesn't even work when I monitor it with xev, can I be sure, that it is broken physically?

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So what are preconditions to doing original work? I feel like most of my work (+play+art+whatever) is way too derivative for my tastes.

Yeah, everything is derivative in some way, but after thinking about it, I think the meaningful distinction for me is that some derivative work has enough originality to be "of interest" (e.g. makes for good conversations).

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@a_breakin_glass Horeshoe theory is what you get when a centrist thinks, "wow, I hate both of these people, how can I tar them in the broadest strokes possible?"

Now I have a new computer. I hope it computers better than the old one...

At first glance it is extremely fast (four cores!) and very good.