I'm working on this excercise for quite a while now, where I have to create loads and loads of abstract vector graphics. I'll share a few of them here, ok?

Anyone can recommend a webcam?

- good Linux support
- < 30€
- builtin microphone

users who use :

How do you run it? Would you be interested in having a systemd user service integration in Nixpkgs?

Amount of mongodb rebuilds I aimed for today: 0

Amount of mongodb rebuilds I got: 2 so far

btw karaoke turns out to a great activity for me and my flatmates right now.

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Props to that person who made a karaoke version of GlaDOS - Still Alive.

Wanna listen to nice music with great live visuals?


Playing until 1:00 CET

Todays youtube rabbit hole: People reviewing and eating ww2 military rations.

covid19 flattenthecurve 

covid19 joke 

I somewhat regret to invest into Nix flakes so much to build my system. The concecpt is great and I very much look forward to the RFC to be accepted soon, but at the moment I'm stuck with an infinite recursion error and therefore I don't know how to rebuild my system as I forgot which Nix version used to work for me. Going back to a non-flakes style is going to be a lot of work on the other hand.

I'm looking forward to use a stable Nix version with flakes…

If you want to migrate to the 20.03 branch, check if you rely on any bridge getting an IPv4 address via DHCP. The Dhcpcd software stopped requesting addresses for bridges and tun devices by default in 8.1.0 and this _will_ break your config on NixOS, even if you have set useDHCP for that interface.

See also: github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/

Das Openstreetmap-Projekt will scheinbar keine Wahlkreise als Geodaten in ihrer Datenbank. Schade. Ich würde sagen, das sind doch genau so administrative Grenzen wie Gemeinde- Kreis- Landes- und Staatsgrenzen?


Ich beschäftige mich gerade mit den Wahlergebnissen der letzten 30 Jahre in Brandenburg. Mich interessieren Daten auf der Gemeindeebene von

- Europawahlen
- Bundestagswahlen
- Landtagswahlen
- Kommunalwahlen

Die Zugänglichkeit der von den Ämtern herausgegebenen Daten scheint mir ziemlich mau zu sein. Das höchste der Gefühle sind Excel-Tabellen mit wechselnden Formatierungen. Der Rest sind PDF-Dateien!

Weiß hier jemand von einem Versuch, das zugänglicher zu machen?

Just saw the headline that the pope still forbids priests to marry and my first thought was "wouldn't it be a start to just allow them to have sex, why are they already discussing about marrying?" and then I was like waiiiitttt there was something about having sex in the catholic church…

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