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As if I needed another reason to despise Slack. Using a user-agent whitelist is lazy, user-hostile, and toxic to the open web.

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Interessant und traurig: Why I don't use my real photo when messaging with customers on my website.

I just signed up for a website, which needs to send me private information about me.

When I entered my email address, they IMMEDIATELY asked me which of my three keys they should use. It felt like magic.

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Me: Goddamn, why does my software suck? Why can't it just read and delete mail like a normal app? Why do I have to debug and fix basics still? Am I a terrible programmer?

Also me: OMG I can search half a million messages, find an important, personal message from 2002, and the latency on getting results back is mostly the network. I must be an awesome programmer!

Turns out, you can be both awesome and terrible at the same time.

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I'm currently working on a package for . It may be the hardest contribution I did yet for NixOS, but it feels doable.

Packaging all the dependencies in one environment is the first step and I think I'm nearly there.

Next step would be a service abstraction.

Goal is, that everyone can run it's own instance with a 10 lines config expression.

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Sadly, Common Voice is only available for English.

Leider ist Common Voice nur für Englisch verfügbar.

Verlässliche Spracherkennung und Textausgabe in Sprache werden unbedingt benötigt im FOSS Umfeld

Reliable speech recognition and text output in speech are essential in the FOSS environment.

#speechrecognition #Mozilla #Spracherkennung #Sprache #language

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Alternative Internet-Provider in Leipzig: Online über das ReudNetz -

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Today can be the day you grep through your favourite documentation for mentions of "simple" and "easy", and replace them.

They are useless and can be harmful. If you mean "uncomplicated" or "few steps" or "like most projects", say so. Reading that something is supposed to be "easy" doesn't help the people who know how to do it, and people who run into issues will be frustrated, and more hesitant to report their problem with a supposedly "easy" step.

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I made art and it's in a museum :3

It's an interactive installation that generates "illegal" numbers by deriving keys from the leaked HDCP master key

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Hallo Mastodon-Community,

wir, die Freifunker aus dem Münsterland, grüßen alle. Wir arbeiten hier in #Münster und im #Münsterland daran ein freies und dezentrales Netz aufzubauen.
Seit heute betreiben wir eine eigene #Mastodon Instanz, bei der sich gerne #Freifunker, #Freifunk -Interessierte und alle anderen netten Menschen anmelden können.
#introduction #introductions

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@nev @mattcropp that's really useful, thanks!

What I'm thinking about in connection to this is the curriculum, where we're shifting from "how to get a job" to "how to start a start up". We're educating for precarity, not solidarity or social sustainability.

I'd love to know about examples of "how to start a coop" in mainstream curriculum. Do you know of anything like this?

(I do know about coop unis in the uk but I'm thinking about public higher ed.)

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Thinking about social institutions that do and don't support coops, universities are missing.

At the moment we are obsessively developing entrepreneurship as a curriculum focus, and chanting "start ups, start ups, start ups", despite all that we know about what's broken in this model.

What if universities gave equal attention to how and why to form coops? What if that was a thing students learned?

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> 25 years ago I got a job at a computer bookstore. We were allowed to borrow and read the books; so I read through all the language books, especially those with animals on the covers.

> 10 years ago I had a little language of my own printing hello world.

> Tonight this arrived:

> Well this little tweet blew up. Lemme expand: I made a prototype, then my employer threw millions of dollars at it and hired dozens of researchers and programmers (and tireless interns, hi!) and a giant community of thousands of volunteers showed up and _then_ the book arrived.

> (After Jim and Jason wrote it and like a dozen people reviewed it and a dozen others edited it and an army of managers coordinated it and PLEASE DESIST IN THINKING THINGS ARE MADE BY SINGLE PEOPLE IT IS A VERY UNHEALTHY MYTH)

> I love that this journey started with "borrowing" books; so fitting.

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Please make a cryptocurrency that facilitates taxation

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when i look at a repeating pattern that fills my view completely, like wallpaper or something, my eyes frequently 'sync up' wrong, i.e. one ends up using a feature 1 or 2 repetitions to the left/right as a registration mark. so i kinda end up what amounts to a really shitty 3d magic-eye type effect

Luckily it turned out to be a feature instead of a bug, so I don't have to have to change the configuration of my mail client.