If you'd need to intercept a TLS connection, which tool would you use? I liked working with mitmproxy, but it is working on a HTTPS level, not on TLS itself.

"Google und Cloudflare testen Post-Quanten-Kryptographie

Quantencomputer könnten in Zukunft die heute verwendete Kryptographie brechen. Google und Cloudflare starten ein Experiment, bei dem unter Realbedingungen mit HTTPS getestet werden soll, wie gut Algorithmen, die vor Quantencomputern Schutz bieten, funktionieren."


Ich hatte im Studium die Aufgabe, eine Woche lang Daten aus meinem Leben zu sammeln und diese in Form eines A2-Plakates zu visualisieren. Herausgekommen sind 37 GiB Netzwerktraffic, bzw. 94.686.496 IP Pakete. Jetzt habe ich endlich das Ergebnis und den dazugehörigen Code auf GitHub veröffentlicht.


I just had a look at the birdsite. Can't recommend it.

People I give occasional technical support have recurring problems between their and . As I know from a few interactions with the tech, printing on computers is hella complicated.

On an architectural level, would you think it would make more sense to install a print server on a raspberry Pi and use that as an intermediary? Or does that even more scale the complexity of the problem?

If techno does bumm bumm bumm, what does drum'n'bass do?

Serious question, I need answers in the next 30min!

Gerade ausprobiert für Sie: Müsli mit Kaffee (statt Milch).

Kanns nicht empfehlen.

question: Would it be possible to have per-application or per-window keyboard layouts? I once read that it is possible on macOS and Win10 and it'd make my day much easier.

A few months ago, I migrated my website from erictapen.de/ to erictapen.name/ and I abandoned the old domain.

Today I recognized, that a webshop is now running behind that old domain, apparently selling fashion. As the name erictapen isn't mentioned througout the site, I guess it is some sort of automated spam. Does anyone have experience with that kind of trick? I'm qute certain to have purged every link to erictapen.de and the site was never popular, so no harm on my side.

I just found a presentation by the ISP 1&1 about the need for IPv6 and they explicitly stated that using a bigger number than 255 in IPv4 addresses "won't work".

That made me chuckle thinking about who tried to explain that to whom.


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Every time I see the Hacker Ethic praised without critically challenging its shortcomings, I have to think of "Programming is Forgetting: Toward a New Hacker Ethic" by Allison Parrish and wish it was more popular. You can read the transcript here opentranscripts.org/transcript

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Even if you don't speak German, have a look at that #dataviz beauty by @zeitonline@twitter.com: zeit.de/politik/deutschland/20

It has everything:
😍 animated maps with annotation
😍 small multiples
😍 zoomed in line charts
😍 beautiful dot circles

The best interactive story I've seen lately.

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Drecksarbeit | Die Dienerin war immer da

Öffentlich mag es nicht sichtbar sein, aber das Dienstleistungsproletariat ist überwiegend weiblich



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Fahrräder für alle? Leicht gemacht! Holen wir uns die Stadt zurück - Stück für Stück und jeden Tag, vor und nach dem 1. Mai! #mobikeenteignen

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