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I should clarify that I did not plan this as a christmas tree.

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Now, 🥙 contains 2011 new localities in 618 extra cities!

Big thanks to a bug report by @erictapen ❤️

Anybody interested in taking co-maintainership for the package on ?

It's currently taking a while until updates are merged and being able to review each other PRs would help greatly here.

Currently the nixos-21.11 channel is blocked by a consistently failing test that tests the qwertz keyboard layout on aarch64. Any other keyboard layout works. Qwertz on x86_64 is no problem at all.

I'm genuinly curious what the culprit is here.

For university I have to teach a group of people python basics. My dream setup for that would be to have them edit and run their code in a web based combination of a simple text editor and a bash shell. This way no time would be wasted for setup.

Does anybody know of a solution for that? Self-hosting and glueing components together would be no problem. E.g. I could see running one container per student and giving them access through the web. But having a free prop service would be cool too.

How can you keep a straight face and name something with reference to the BABEL mythos and then allow only characters from the ENGLISH alphabet?? While we HAVE a pretty decent table of symbols humanity is currently using to represent language?

It's beyond me how people can have such a cool idea and then be this stupid about it.

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I recently stumbled over this horrible art project called "The Library of babel", which, to be fair, has quite a neat idea at its core.

It provides access to every possible book page, as it provides every possible permutation of the alphabet. So in theory it "would contain every book that ever has been written, and every book that ever could be".

But as their alphabet, they chose [a-z,\.]!!!!1
This seriously is the most elaborate dumbfuckery I've seen in a while.

The term "Instruction Set Architecture Family" contains three consecutive umbrella terms that could have been interchanged historically.

Was mich vom Kauf dieses TAN-Generators überzeugt hat?

"Diesen Spiel-, Schlaf- und Schmusegefährten muss man einfach lieb haben"

I wanted to find out something abouth the python package django-waitress but mistyped it as django mistress and got results about Broomhilda von Shaft exclusively. Was not disappointed.

project idea: inkscape but without crashing

There is also a funny german parody news article about Debian getting rid of their init system:

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This thread was supposed to end in a proposal on how NixOS could boot faster, but I realised that was a dumb idea lol

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So the reason why rebooting is such a popular strategy for solving computer problems is that the first representation is much easier to reason about and allows us to get back to a somewhat "uncorrupted und clean" system state.


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1. Step-by-step instructions of how to initialize all the system components (e.g. a graph of systemd units) that is composable and therefore debuggable. It is more or less static, e.g. usually not changed inbetween reboots.

2. The result of the execution of these instructions, which is something like a snapshot of all the machine compontents, e.g. RAM, filesystem etc at a given time. It is highly dynamic as it is changing all the time in ways hard to predict.


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As a child I never understood, why operating systems need so much time to boot. I observed that the OS needs a certain amount of data in RAM when idling and wondered, why it would take so long to just read that data from disk to RAM.

When I learned about init systems I started to understand that there is much more going on while booting up. I also realised that there is a fundamental necessity for having two different representations of the system:


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