The downside of working mostly remote is that a lot of people in the company I only know by nickname or by avatar in the company slack.

All day in datacenter, with facemask on is really tiresome.

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so the dutch king things it is a smar t idea to go on holiday to greece, and taking the goverment plane with him. Who in there right mind thought this was a smart idea.

Friendly reminder to sometimes go outside it is still quite nice weather.

Delivery window from 17:00 til 22:00 and they deliver 21:58, just give me some better indication when they are on route. It’s not that hard.

I do find it amazing that MacOS still has not fixed the bug that sometimes an different application greps the focus in the login screen and you type your password in there instead of the logging in. For example sending your password in the company slack and you only see it after your second try to login.

and the concusion is i need to go to the office or the hackerspace to upgrade the module in a more modern srx. so for now the shitty provider router.

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step 1. upgrade to a junos release with vectoring support, then it should work. Famous last words.

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VDSL module arrived, but still running old firmware, also can't seem to get a sync. Needs some more debugging.

Juniper Vdsl mpim arrives today, now hope it had the correct firmware so I don’t have to go to the office to upgrade it. Then I can switch back to use my srx instead of the shitty provider router.

handed in the keys to my old apartment. One less thing to worry about.

Municipality send a letter, in Dutch, english, turkish and farsi, explaining that you can vote for neighorhood improvments, but the site and the plans are only in dutch. At least there was an attempt. And I guess computer translation can work.

Always nice if you are allowed to actually test the designed redundancy in a system by just rebooting random nodes.

Customer wants the current firewallrules as a docs, so we now do Cisco accesslists to markdown to docx, love pandoc.

Ordered a vdsl2 module for my router so i can swap out the provider one, now lets hope I don't have to pay a lot of import fees on it.

Dual slot e-bike battery’s if they would hot-swappable it would be even better.

Letting people do some actual lab with vyos instances to try apply the stuff they are learning in a networking course at university is fun to watch, a lot of knowledge gaps become quite clear.

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Great, to make an appointment for Psychotherapy please mail <...> sounds like a wonderful idea. Also no form of gpg or anything.

Totally confused, phone call number one sorry we can’t swap your thingy because it is not in stock, same day a bit later call 2 when can we swap your thingy and we will send a mail with the exact pickup time. No email yet but said that tomorrow is fine. 😕

I forgot again how shitty it is to make ms word documents, I guess it’s time to ask if we can generate them with markdown or LaTeX to pdf this is just horrible.

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