Walking at night trough an unlit park with lots of trees is an interesting experience

I order stuff with specific intel wifi cards, i get realtek crap delivered with 0 linux support. :thisisfine:

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I hate laptop SKUs, in the list of SKUs it states model Y with datasheet attached, but they manage to send me an completely different model.

Why do people like watching MME or other fighting sports I don’t understand why do you get enjoyment at watching people get hurt ?

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I really hate the classic job hunting, because it focuses so much on stuff that i don't care about. I just want to work somewhere that is LGBTQ+ friendly, actually is a nice employer in relation to PH/MH and offers a non toxic work environment. That actually pays there employees fairly and equal. But this is all almost impossible to figure out in the transitional interviews.


Nice the emergency dykes have hold in NL just a few holes that could be patched.

The pressconference is so nice to listen to compared to the covid bullshit of the NL goverment. Actually factual data like it is possible.

I still really miss the lab we had at highschool where we could just toy around with stuff. We had so much cool expensive equipment there.

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Your friendly safety reminder if you are ever stupid enough to make Copper thermite please wear eye protection when lighting it on fire.
We originally wanted also to make titanium thermite but the copper one was already scary enough.

The reason is why I ask I was calculating some bits about l2vpns via wireguard and it’s a bit of a shitshow with so little room to work with if you don’t want to fragment packets.

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Why is still 1500 mtu the standard everything that is not totally outdated supports way more, make at least 3000 the new standard that would make ipv6 inside vpns so much more usable.

Would be awsome if we as society could figure out a way to prevent bullying in schools. It leaves so much scars.

Plush animals wearing company branded clothing (that can be removed) it the best conference swag there is.

This needs to be deployed everywhere it’s so nice.

I have yet to find someone who worked with an cisco ASR920 who has something positive to say about the box. They are just build to annoy you.


I really hope floodplanes are enough in NL because if they fail this disaster will even be worse then it is already the case.

Oh wow the EU started infringement procedures because of LGBTIQ rights violations. I did not expect this.

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