People should give more love to the restrict keyword in C it can make stuff soo computational loops so much faster.

Thefuck IEEE they did specify normalisation for UTF8 passwords but not for the SSIDs so the client needs to do this? But then beacon discovery goes not work, ugh what a mess

And even if the EU does not have these requirements no vendor will make indoor APs with sector antennas only for this small market.

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Now the question will be how good is the GPS reception in the lecture halls to install these :/

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So sector antennas with WiFi 6E are only allowed if a) your AP has a GPS reciever and is actually getting a GPS lock, and you AP talks to a database server with per area the allowed frequencies that can dynamicly change :table_flip:

It makes me so happy to see the magical yellow labelled equipment in pictures of other events, even tho I’m just help out some times it so cool to see what that magical organisation is making possible around Europe.

Cute date idea: splicing fibers around each other’s neck

PSA: for the coming hot days check your medication if it can handle this temperature range! Plenty of stuff should be kept below 30C

And also a optical tap device that you can place over a fiber to read the signals on the line without the people detecting it. This stuff is all so cool.

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Today i saw a optical bidi in action, and it just feels like magic, Sending 2 optical signals over the same fiber on the same wavelength but different polarization 🤯

Junipers EVPN documentation is the worse, like it’s actively hostile

Does someone have sensible documents on benchmarking storage ?

Nice more then 50% of the clients connected to the open network are doing OWE> \o/

Remeber kids, dont forget to add the native vlan to the allowed vlan list otherwise you need to visit all switches again!

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