Anyone from Netherlands here?
How hard is it to buy a cable modem or fiber ONT there?

Looks like you have some some #RouterFreedom legislation[1], which sets network demarcation point at the end of the cable, so the ISPs are required to allow you to bring your own modem or ONT, but can you realistically do that?


@wolf480pl @jakob well this just got passed. Fiber OTN depends a lot on what they use most Networks are or just p2p Ethernet with bidi optics or they use GPON or XS-PON for that it a lot harder mostly because most vendors don’t make stuff for that besides Ubiquity. However KPN does ship wirh a GPON to Ethernet modem by default so you can just supply your own router. For cable stuff we will see how it will develop.

@erikk @jakob yeah it was passed recently, but I read that NL had much router freedom before the EU regulations anyway.

An ISP-provided GPON to Ethernet without NAT would be ideal from my POV, especially that GPON standards leave lots of details up to implementation, causing a lot of incompatibilities between vendors. I'm curious how this will play out.

@wolf480pl @jakob Yup this will mostly be interesting for the coax / cable companies how this will playout. For all other companies already the hand over is or VDSL or ethernet.

@erikk @jakob
oh, so there aren't any fiber ISPs in NL that hand users ONT combined with router as a single device? Nice.


@wolf480pl Not hat i am aware of. There used to be some that shipped an SFP that you needed to plug into there router but most of them all opt for a mediaconverter + a seperate router.

Could be that some of the smaller GPON deployments to ship a all in one box but not that i am aware of.

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