This is a small camping event organized by folks from the hackspace! I've been to the 2017 and 2018 editions, and really enjoyed it! Feel free to mute if this doesn't interest you.

The first time, we had a lot of rain, a campfire, and orange tubes. The second time, we had a lot of heat, a pool, and a sauna. This time, there'll be a lot of masks and antigen tests, I guess.

I was offline for most of the event, but this was really, really nice! Thanks to everyone who helped make happen! It was great to be part of such a cheerful and thoughtful group. <3

I had to leave early today to help count votes in a local election. Hope to see y'all again soon! 👋

This year, we had a pool *and* a campfire, connected with this spectacular contraption. The water temperature reached > 36 °C last night, according to! :)

I also learned how to climb trees!! We hung the rope at a height of 5-6 meters, and climbing there felt extremely gratifying and safe! Not a skill I expected to learn this weekend! 😊

We got really nice feedback to our hiking stamps, and a lot of people found all 12, even though we put some of them at a lake a multi-hour hike away! :3 Well done!


Something confused me about this picture.
Took some staring to notice that the black stamp is mirrored. 😅

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