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I know, you have been waiting for Glasgow campaign for way too long -- we appreciate your patience! ;) One year later, one additional major hardware revision, and one of the strangest years in living memory winding to a close. The time has finally come!

Hey everyone! You know KiCad right? Our favorite open-source PCB design software? Starting today KiCad has it's own dedicated Discord instance! Join us, if you have questions, want to show off your scripts or boards or just want to hang out!

It is finally happening! Ordered first Glasgow Ram-Pak prototype boards from OSHPark! I am really curious how well the 0.1mm/0.1mm trace/space work out. ;)

Very good progress on the Glasgow Ram-Pak. Finished routing and length matching of the busses. Some silkscreen work remains, and we should be able to order the prototypes from OSHPark
\o/ :D

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Going live on Twitch now! "Electronics Let's Play Stream" At 2pm PDT, we will continue work on the Glasgow RAM-Pak! Let's do it! Join us! :)

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Tuesday Feb 9th it is time for another "Electronics Let's Play Stream" At 2pm PDT, we will continue work on the Glasgow RAM-Pak! Let's try to finish the parallel bus length matching and hopefully finalize the design. See you there! :D

Tomorrow @attie and I are going to be talking about at FOSDEM21!

We will cover some of the technical details of Glasgow, DFM and the Crowd Supply campaign.

Come and join us on Sunday 7th at 14:15 UTC, for the talk, Q&A session and a chat!

Check it out! @attie is streaming Glasgow Digital Interface Explorer CAN add-on hardware and applet development on Twitch!

It is time! Join us at "Electronics Let's Play Stream" on Twitch join us! :)

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Tomorrow is Tuesday Feb 2nd and time for another "Electronics Let's Play Stream" At 2pm PDT, we will continue work on the Glasgow RAM-Pak! Let's try to route it and length match the parallel buses. Might require some Yak shaves, it will be fun! :D

Counting down the last 24h of the Glasgow Digital Interface Explorer campaign! Place your bets now, how many units will we have to make to fulfill the campaign pledges? Exciting time ahead!

Check it out! is streaming on Twitch! If you like some EE and Tech related streams they are definitely worth adding to your Twitch stream list! :) (featuring cats!)

Hey everyone! There are ~40 hours left for the Glasgow Digital Interface Explorer campaign. If you want to be a part of the campaign, pledge now! :) Don't forget to tell all your friends and post it in your reddit groups, blogs and forums! :D

If you happen to be hoarding STM32 parts, let me tell you, you invested your money well. They are more valuable than their weight in gold at the moment... :D

We are sourcing parts for a new production batch of iCEBreaker, so 1BitSquared will have more stock soon. If you are looking for another genuine source of iCEBreaker check out Mouser/ @crowd_supply

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iCEBreaker FPGA dev board features an iCE40up5k FPGA, some might say it is not big and slow. I say, you can do a lot of cool things with it. But the real question is: "Can it run DOOM?!" thanks to @tnt we now know. Yes, yes indeed it can!!!

Glasgow Ram-Pak stream progress: 1v8 switching regulator circuit, untangled the signals for easier routing. Next steps: routing & length-matching. Upcoming Yak: make sure @gregdavill length-matching script still works, add inline termination resistor support if not available. :)

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Hey everyone. It is Tuesday, it is time for another "Electronics Let's Play Stream" We will continue work on the Glasgow RAM-Pak! Join us. :)

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