Ethernet PMODs back from JLCPCB with all the surface mount assembly done, 1 week after the job was sent. Just a matter of soldering down the magjacks and 2x6 headers and they're ready to go. First one already working with LiteEth MAC on an IceSugarPro FPGA board (Lattice ECP5).

This can of paint was left over from an equally magnificent project I did a few years ago involving a WRT54GL

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I ordered several clicky buttons with built-in LEDs. Here is the comparison.
The "production gear" buttons feel really nice!


Just found affordable clones of these buttons typically found in stage and music production equipment. Comes in many colors.


So far so good! The mcHF QRP RF shields seem to fit on the first glance. The proof will be in the fully assembled boards going into the enclosure. So I guess I don't have any excuses left to start working on that ;)

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Uhh shiny! The mcHF QRP ham radio RF shields arrived from SendCutSend! I hope they fit! :D 🤞

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Come join us in the chat for a chill evening, talking about hardware n stuff!

Happening at 11pm CET / 5pm EST!
Set yourself a reminder in the YT link below.


In a bit under 24 hours, and I will be talking about nerdy electronics stuff, on the very first stream of the series!

Set a reminder, and come join us... I'm really looking forward to it, and I hope you are too!


It's 1 hour until and I go live for the first stream in this new series!

We'll be live, and would love it if you came and joined us!

Is Xilinx UltraScale+ still the fastest fabric or is there something faster (like Intel Agilex or the FPGA part of the odd Xilinx Versal ACAP)?
Anything affordable besides Artix-US+ ?

You know the mcHF QRP ham radio? I have a kit for it sitting here for ages. One reason why I am not assembling it, is that the RF shield needs to be hacked to fit the current PCB. Perfect opportunity to try out SendCutSend... but it turns out there are no CAD files for the RF shield available. So I drew them with the needed adjustments in KiCad. (I know wrong tool but it was "quick" :D) I hope that someone from the mcHF community will cross check my dimensions.

Little late notice but I forgot to crosspost it here: I'll be going live in, like, ten minutes at!

Hey! I'm hosting an impromptu hardware hacker meetup in NYC on Thursday.

Come join me and a few hardware nerds for a glass of wine at The Prepared's workshop in Brooklyn.

AWW I got a super cute care package from @lethalbit & @DX_MON ... thank you so much! UwU ... the "Annie certified shenanigans" will definitely get some mileage over here. :D

I'm more or less satisfied with how this light bloom looks. Might tweak more later.

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