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The WTFpga workshop was a great success! Thank you everyone who attended! If you were there I hope you had fun! :D The complete code and updated booklet are available on github. The only thing missing is the availability of the iCEBreaker and PMODs. I am working on that now and the crowd funding campaign will hopefully launch soon! :D

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The Crowd Supply Pre-Launch page for iCEBreaker FPGA development board is finally live! If you want to be notified when the campaign launches make sure to add yourself on the page. Or just follow me mere and I will tell you. I am very excited that we are one more step closer. ;-)

Assembled the new RGBI DVI Pmod! It works! Using the hdmi_text 1080p design by @tnt Looks really nice and crisp! It is pretty amazing what the small ice40up5k on the iCEBreaker can do. :D

I am still hoping we will find some official description of what the REG1 and REG2 are doing exactly. It works now, but I wish we knew exactly what the bits do.

After figuring out from the Chinese datasheet that the part requires an init sequence I found a very helpful thread on @HennerZeller rpi rgb led matrix repository. You should read it if you want to know the details: Attached are the init signal traces.

The new P2 Panels that I got from aliexpress use FM6126 shift registers instead of ICN2037. After some debugging, reversing, reading datasheets and github issues, I have now added init to icebreaker-candy by @kbob it is quick and reasonably simple.

Here is an improved schematic. Fixing some signal names. Thanks to the sharp eye of @vogelchr :D

Another great video edit from @scanlime streams! "iCEBreaker breaks the ice with open source FPGA tools"

I am sure you were burning with the desire to know how the drive circuit of an RGB LED Matrix panel looks like. Me too! I have started a repository to collect drive chipset schematics and datasheets.

New Pmod development never stops! This time: single Pmod HUB75E LED Panel driver. It uses DDR to load the two RGB data per clock cycle, and a ripple counter to advance the address. It trades drive complexity for freeing up a Pmod connector.

Received two boxes of P2 RGB LED panels! So many blinkenlights! :D And this is just the beginning! We now have enough to fulfill the early bird pledges. We will place the order for the remaining panels after the Chinese new year.

Today at we are starting to carry the Solo Security Key the first Open Source U2F and FIDO2 key! You can pick up the User and Hacker versions at They will soon be available in our German store as well! Stay tuned! :D

New prototype of iCEBreaker single Pmod DVI with 4bpp. Extended 16 color palette, using only one Pmod connection. Ordered from OSHPark (Thanks @tnt for the suggestion!)

Yes I am aware that some of the factories work through the holidays, but they only make green HASL boards in that time frame. I also need only a few panels for now making it not economical to order in the US.

Finalized and panelized the DVI 12Bit and LED Panel driver Pmods. I still think that I missed the Chinese new year cutoff time to order the panels. No worries we have plenty of things to do over the next few weeks! :D

@vifino And as I threatened yesterday I did indeed create my first effect for sled. A classic fire! :D

To celebrate Sunday I got @vifino sled (Satanic LED controller) running on my iCEBreaker driven LED panel! It is a nicely modular and flexible tool. The effects are great! Thanks to everyone who contributed! Now I want to make some of my own! :D

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