Assembling iCEBreaker LED Panel Driver Pmods. I have to say I love the neon green reel for the level shifter chips. :D


Testing iCEBreaker LED Panel Driver Pmods using a handy pogopin adapter. The plaid LED pattern I chose is such that I can see if all the color data lines work properly and don't have shorts or anything.

It is not solid white, the video does not show it well. It is actually a plaid pattern. So that I see the color data channels go on off and be in different combinations relative to each other.

have an hdl design based on @kbob icebreaker-candy. I can set each color to display a pattern using the buttons on the iCEBreaker. I though that this pattern would be most useful without having to cycle patterns. :D

Today... second batch of iCEBreaker LED Panel Driver Pmods. Nice thick chunk of populated boards. Oddly satisfying :D

@esden the music really drives home the lifestyle of a small manufacturer

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