I know, you have been waiting for Glasgow campaign for way too long -- we appreciate your patience! ;) One year later, one additional major hardware revision, and one of the strangest years in living memory winding to a close. The time has finally come!

@esden any ideas for stretch-goals yet? looks like this campaign will go really well :D

@ln No, I am not a fan of stretch goals. If a campaign is successful the qty makes things harder already, a stretch only makes it harder. :/ But if it is a 0effort thing we might consider it. :)

@ln Also yes, it is doing better than I ever expected! It is very exciting! :D

@esden i'm just here refreshing the page every 10 minutes and am extremely happy for all of you :D

@esden I wish I had the money for this.

Very cool project. Congratulations.

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