Looking for a nice holiday tech present for friends and family? Consider the OpenSource SoloKey 2FA FIDO2 security key! Now available on clearance sale in our 1BitSquared Germany store! Discounted up to 35% from the original price!

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@esden First gen, but probably still a good deal to roll out fido2 in the family on the cheap.

@jrt this is why we have put them on Clearance as they are the V1. The new V2 can't be purchased yet (only pre-order). And on clearance even the USB C tap version is cheaper than the new V2. In any case it is also good if you need a spare/extra one to leave in the safe at home. :D

@esden Have my solo 2's already. But let a few people know who were looking for cheap fido2 tokens.

@jrt interesting. I backed the campaign very early on, still did not receive mine. :(

@esden I refreshed the page to get the early bird packages. I have one normal usb c and one limited edition usb c with glitter. Might buy a 3rd usb c one in the hacker edition. Both work really well. I just hope that services start implementing fido2 already. It's been a while and Hetzner for example still only supports yubico otp :(

@jrt yeah... the general lack or yubi only support of hardware keys is really a bummer. I really wish I could use it with more of my logins. *sigh*

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