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Okay, time for my . :)

Hi, I'm Sven! ๐Ÿ‘‹

I'm a happily married and very curious IT consultant from Berlin in his young thirties. I'm into podcasts, movies, books and language, and also enjoy discussions about tech, society, politics and the usual stuff of everyday life.

Even though I'm German, I'm trying something new by establishing English as my primary posting language. I'm always open for improvement, so feel free to hit me up with corrections or suggestions at any time. :)

German, FuรŸball, Frage zur Sportschau / Online-Abruf 

Expectation: a weekday. I'll spend a calm day at the museum.

Reality: running and screaming kids EVERYWHERE!

Can anyone recommend a simple/basic photo viewer and editor for Windows that allows scrolling through images and on-the-fly enhancing/editing? Nothing pro or fancy, basically just like Photos for macOS.

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There are definitively worse places in the world to have #lunch. Especially in (European) winter. ๐Ÿ˜‰

#Melbourne #Yarra #Promenade

As it turns out, there wasn't much to write during the travel time itself. Everything just went along as planned.

However, I didn't know that I could get around with so little sleep. I slept about four hours before we started. Then, about 33 hours later, I managed to get around another 30 minutes of sleep in total.

I was never really able to sleep in cars, trains or planes in the past, but I assumed that it would work when it was "that* necessary. Turns out: I was wrong. :D

โ€œNo honey, that's no delivery truck. It's bread!โ€œ

Being a mother means mastering patience, doesn't it? :D

14 hours on the figurative road. I'm only about half way through, but my body is already reporting critical energy levels.

I hope that I'll be able to catch some sleep in about one or two hours.

Hello, ! Quite a monstrous airport you got there. And many people are suddenly taking funny. ;-)

First realization: This airport also genders their toilets for aliens.

As a heads-up: I'm starting quite a long travel today. Feel free to mute (or this thread) if you happen to get annoyed. :)

To those of you interested in the : What have been your favorite talk(s)? :)

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#2249 "I Love the 20s" 

My year unsolicitedly upgraded from version 2019 to 2020. It looks like not much has changed, but it totally messed up my kitchen, which I would've liked know beforehand.

Other than that, the usability and UX seems untouched, so I guess it's mostly about security updates and refactoring. Maybe even some obscure bugs got fixed. So that's nice.

I hope that they didn't add more trackers, though. I haven't updated my browser or my blocking lists yet.

Will look through the release notes later.

For those who might be wondering: I originally posted this at around 19:00, but I forgot the photo, so I reposted it after midnight. We were reading throughout the evening, interrupting ourselves with raclette sessions.

Overall, personally, 2019 ended with a lot of improvements, but also with some daily business chores that might not be necessary or can be reduced. There are also some loose ends that I would like to tie up in (early) 2020.

Let's see how this will go, shall we? :)

So, there we go, fellow humans. The moment you've been waiting for throughout the year finally arrived!

2019 was ... a blue year!

We're now going to read through our amazing (blue) year. :)

I wish all of you a smooth transition and an amazing 2020!


โ€ข a better physical constitution
โ€ข more habits for my physical well-being
โ€ข a lot more clothes and shoes ๐Ÿ˜… (almost exclusively for sport and training, though!)
โ€ข a new-found love for my local football club
โ€ข a clearer vision for my professional development
โ€ข two new shared hobbies with my wife (audio books and hiking)
โ€ข the resolution to improve my Spanish skills
โ€ข excitement for the things to come
โ€ข a lot of cheese in my tummy

The end is near! Therefore, it's time for my yearly reminder: If you want to pick up the tradition (see OP), put a on your shopping list. :)

As last year, I'll reveal this year's color this evening when we start reading about it.

Have a good one and be safe, everyone!

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Last #MondayMeal of the year. After all the heavy Christmas #food, I am going with a salad today.

Have a happy new year, everyone!


A personal era ends for me tonight. After going to the local Sneak Preview for more than six years, the theater closes by the end of the year. So today, it was the last Sneak there. Which is sad for me and also a loss for the city.

I thought this would be the final movie of this year. But somehow I managed to win a voucher which happens to expire in five days, so I'll just give a much-sooner-than-expected second watch before finishing off this year. :D

Star Wars 9. Review, no spoilers 

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