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Okay, time for my . :)

Hi, I'm Sven! 👋

I'm a happily married and very curious IT consultant from Berlin in his young thirties. I'm into podcasts, movies, books and language, and also enjoy discussions about tech, society, politics and the usual stuff of everyday life.

Even though I'm German, I'm trying something new by establishing English as my primary posting language. I'm always open for improvement, so feel free to hit me up with corrections or suggestions at any time. :)

My colleague just asked if he could return to full-time next month and basically got an immediate yes.

Meanwhile, I see politicians discussing the “right to return to full-time“ for years now.

I feel like I have a blank spot here, so a serious question: Assuming that there is enough work to do: Why would an employer not allow anyone to work *more* for them?

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Does anyone of you happen to have a spare bicycle bag lying around? ~20+ litres, somewhat water resistant? :)

(If not, any recommendations other than the Vaude Aqua Back Single?)

I just finished attaching a more than 4m long curtain rail to the ceiling. Already enough accomplishments for the weekend. Including physical workouts.

Aww, this is one of the sweetest animal pictures I've seen in a while. 😊


One of my customers just called me to plan the next year but basically knew nothing about the plans for next year because they haven't evaluated anything in this regard yet.

As you may deduce from that, it has been a very productive call.

Getting a new bike really had the impact I hoped for. Given that it really feels like an upgrade, I want to use it for all my commutes on non-rainy days. At least as long as the time differences aren't too big (e.g. train ride through half of the city). :)

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Okay, seriously, what is this guy doing? And how did the shooting for this work?

“What's that?“
“It's supposed to look like a handrail.“
“What I'm supposed to do now?“
“Well, lean against it. Naturally.“
“What is this even mean?“
“Oh, and please look manly while doing it.“
“What the– ... You know what? Nevermind. I'm getting cold. Just take the photos.“

Article page:

After almost a year, I finally managed to commission both curtains and curtain infrastructure for the living room. In a few weeks, our showcase will be an actual room. ;-)

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With the imminent release of federation for @pixelfed , a reminder that there are many photo sites on the way for the #Fediverse:




As they will federate together, it means many platforms can co-exist without worrying about splintering the userbase.

When a decentralised site grows, it makes the others stronger too, because they all benefit from the same network effect.

Centralised sites just weaken each other until one monopoly site dominates.


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Mindestens 150.000 Teilnehmer und damit eine der größten Demos in der jüngeren deutschen Geschichte!

Danke an alle, die dabei sind und zeigen, welche Sorgen von den Politikern wirklich Ernst genommen werden müssen.

The demo was great. I also learned that I can add another feat to my list of powers: not running into people. Because apparently, that's what happened to me about 50 times.

So all things considered, there seems to be a widespread deficiency in anticipating collisions. :D

Just so you know: I'll be part of the demonstration tomorrow. I'm looking forward to see both citizens and guests on the streets of our beautiful city for a good cause. :-)

Story of the day: My employer put a cryptic item on my salary sheet. When I asked HR what it means, they asked for some time, then called me back and explained.

Apparently, they put it on every salary sheet for legal reasons. But so far I've been the only one who asked. Two weeks after we all got our sheets.

Looks like nobody actually reads their sheets as long as they see the right amount of money in their bank account. :)

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Please boost if it’s okay to befriend you, ask questions, ask for advice, rant, vent, let something off your chest, or just have a nice chat.

@tootdon Hey! Do you plan to add the “delete and re-draft“ feature to the app? :)

(Also, there seems to be no public repository to view through these kinds of requests, correct?)


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