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Okay, time for my . :)

Hi, I'm Sven! 👋

I'm a happily married and very curious IT consultant from Berlin in his young thirties. I'm into podcasts, movies, books and language, and also enjoy discussions about tech, society, politics and the usual stuff of everyday life.

Even though I'm German, I'm trying something new by establishing English as my primary posting language. I'm always open for improvement, so feel free to hit me up with corrections or suggestions at any time. :)

So for my -interested folks out there: Today, Bayern () is kicking off the first leg of the Women's semi-final against Barcelona at 18:00 CEST. :)

Now that I started to read »Death's End« ...

Does anyone of you happen to have a account? :)

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good morning, the reason you're infatuated with Japanese Neighborhood Aesthetic so much is because every picture you've ever seen has no on-street parking

Kicking off my easter weekend by
· reading a new book while drinking some fresh coldbrew coffee
· going for a long walk in the sun
· video calling my sister on the other side of the world (I can definitely recommend jitsi!)
· installing a new hard drive and new OS
· taking some time to cuddle with my wife
· eating in the sun on the balcony

I guess it could be worse. :)

I just realized that most woman soccer games take place at reasonable times. At least they seem to be consistently more reasonable than the men's times. :D

Day 2: I managed to ask the system to restore a system snapshot that worked before. I created the snapshot with the pre-installed tools. After a reboot, the system crashes on startup now.

Well, this was a great start. :D

So I installed Mint and my first big challenge was (well ... is) to make my Logitech keyboard fully work. After one hour of searching and trying out stuff, I managed to kill off my keyboard entirely. Apparently, this makes restoring a backup quite difficult, as I need to enter my password. 😅

Somewhat disappointing that it's still pretty painful to make certain things work.

I'm glad to see that muscle progress is not lost as fast as I feared. :)

I spent about six weeks to systematically strengthen back and hips and recently had to (mostly) pause for three weeks.

Coming back to the today, I could pretty much continue where I had left off, even though I managed to increase the lifted weights by 30-60% during the training period.

Seems to be worth the time, after all.

Day 2 of the (← feel free to mute this if you find it annoying). No explanations, just covers.

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Day 1 of the - nominated by @reinhard_codes. No explanations, just covers.

I'm nominating nobody in particular, but feel free to feel nominated if you're in that kind of stuff or just want an excuse to share some book covers. ;-)

The balcony season has officially started today. :)

For the festivities, I served burgers and ice cream. 😋

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I shelved my winter coat today.

I also want to stress how sorry I am for the blizzards next week that will inevitably follow.

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