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Okay, time for my . :)

Hi, I'm Sven! ๐Ÿ‘‹

I'm a happily married and very curious IT consultant from Berlin in his young thirties. I'm into podcasts, movies, books and language, and also enjoy discussions about tech, society, politics and the usual stuff of everyday life.

Even though I'm German, I'm trying something new by establishing English as my primary posting language. I'm always open for improvement, so feel free to hit me up with corrections or suggestions at any time. :)

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A few weeks ago, I saw a toot about an app that downloads apks from the Play Store and also handles updates. Can't seem to find it now, though.

Can someone point me the way? :)

I started watching this week and even though I've been watching, reading and listening (to) a lot of English content for several years now, it's still challenging to understand everything that's said. It's amazing how different Brit/Scottish content can sound sometimes. Well, I'm confident I'll get used to that as well. :)

Bloody , mates!

I saw ยปยซ yesterday. Even though ยปยซ didn't need a remake and the Americanization was somewhat over the top, the movie was still quite funny and entertaining.

I was especially surprised by Kevin Hart's performance, who is usually a pretty good indicator for a bad comedy.

Sometimes, people here are writing about their experiences. Regardless of the specific topic, I'm often wondering where those people live, but almost no one seems to have their location included in their profile.

I know that most of us care more about privacy than the average Joe, but still, I'm wondering why many people don't even include their country. Is it because there is no location field in the profiles of most Fediverse services? :)

To me, it seems that the hardest service to find substitutes for is Google Maps. I occasionally use their search when I have specific queries, but all the other map services don't even seem to be remotely close to where Google Maps is. Sadly, especially seems to be 10 years behind โ€“ even when it comes to basic tasks in a major city. :-/

As I expected, this here was definitely the right place to ask. Thanks to everyone who took their time for (thorough) answers. :) Kinda as expected, there have been a lot of different mentions, pointers and directions, but I think I still got a solid overview about the topic.

If you're looking into the topic yourself, I guess you can find a good starting point in the replies - alongside with great and helpful people. :)

Thanks again!

I finished migrating my data to the new business laptop today. Then it be like ...

Okay, so I braced myself.

Ahem ...

What distro(s) do you recommend for less tech-savvy users that basically only know Windows environments?

(Bonus points: and why?)

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#MondayMeal: Sauce of leek, cabbage and red lentils on potatoes. #Food #MealPrep

From the upcoming questions, it seems that it wasn't clear that I meant actual remote Pen&Paper sessions.

However, I haven't really thought about asynchronous communication in that regard. With the right story, I guess it might also be a lot of fun to basically play an RPG via messenger. I brainstormed a few ideas of this yesterday, but am far away from anything that would even remotely look like a solid story.

So, regardless of the variant, feel free to throw in more suggestions/input. :)

Does anyone of you have/use a good system of archiving articles/links for later use/reference? :)

Does anyone of you happen to have (or had) an online group? Me and my friends talked about starting a group some years ago but never acted on it.

I'm thinking about kicking this โ€œprojectโ€œ off again, but I wonder about tools, best practices and what system/campaign is best suited for remote sessions.

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#UrbanArt 34. It's Saturday, so my wife and I will watch some #football today! :) #Bundesliga #BL #FCBS04

Today, I had my first workshop meeting with a critical customer that has been disappointed a couple of times throughout the last few years.

It wasn't for the first time that I was with this customer, but for the first time that I was the person in charge to work with them.

So today, we tackled the first point on the agenda and not only did we successfully finish ahead of the scheduled time, but the feedback was fantastic as well. \o/

Now, off to a break. :D

In a little more than seven weeks, my sister will be heading off to live on the other side of the world for at least a couple of years.

That's not only very soon, but also somewhat scary.

In the light of recent events: โ€œIndirect Detectionโ€œ by xkcd. :)

Are there any good browser games on the internet that you can recommend? :)

My criteria:
โ€ข something with progress (no โ€œplay Tetris in a browserโ€œ)
โ€ข can be abandoned for several weeks without punishment for picking it up again
โ€ข doesn't have elements that determine when to play it (action points, long building times, raids etc.)

Do you have a favorite recipe with cauliflower as (a) main ingredient? :)

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