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Okay, time for my . :)

Hi, I'm Sven! 👋

I'm a happily married and very curious IT consultant from Berlin in his young thirties. I'm into podcasts, movies, books and language, and also enjoy discussions about tech, society, politics and the usual stuff of everyday life.

Even though I'm German, I'm trying something new by establishing English as my primary posting language. I'm always open for improvement, so feel free to hit me up with corrections or suggestions at any time. :)

This is the stage where “AI“ plays dumb, so we don't worry too much about it, right? ;-)

German, Politik, Deutsche Bahn 

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20mph (or 30kph) needs to become the new norm as the #innercity speed limit. Not only does it make the motorized #traffic less deadly if something goes wrong and reduces the number of passing moves. It also reduces fumes and noise emissions and equals the trip times for motorists and and cyclists, rendering an often-heard *argument* against #cycling obsolete. #urbanism #rideabike

Many cities in the world have become problematic when it comes to rents. Weirdly for me, almost no article, no podcast and no political discussion – even in in-depth formats – mentions strengthening/establishing cooperatives (Genossenschaften) as a part of the solution.

From my point of few, if most of the housing space would be held by either public institutions or cooperatives, many problems we face today would be either a solved or less grim.

»Spider-Man: Home Run«. Peter Parker uses his super powers to become a star in college baseball to fund his Spider-Man activities.

My wife. Innovating through observating.

(Translation: “Well, of course I'm in a subway with a crying baby.

But now there is a man, doing a video call in sign language. That's way more pleasant.

Babies should cry in sign language.“)

Forgot to give you a (of course spoiler-free) review on »: «.

I liked »Homecoming« a lot better. This time, it's too much high scool, a villain motivation that feels subpar and non-optimal pacing – especially in the middle section.

However, it's still an entertaining movie that I could enjoy. Sadly, I feel like it's a movie you can easily skip and read a few sentences about without missing pretty much anything for future projects.

“Hey, thanks for reading our book! If you liked it, please rate it on Apple Books, Google Books, or Bookify!“

“Hey, thanks for watching our Blu-ray! You can buy more Blu-ray at Walmart, Amazon at your local entertainment store or wherever you get your Blu-rays.“

Some podcasts endings are really weird, especially if you transfer them to other mediums. :D

It's gonna be hot next week again, so I plan a couscous salad. However, I pretty much always do the same version which is tomato-cumin based with veggies and feta.

Given that I want to try something new, feel free to shoot me your recommendations or favorite recipes. :)

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@schreiblehrling Bei uns gegenüber im Haus (sieht man aus dem Schlafzimmerfenster) wohnte ein muskulöser Mann mit Glatze. Wir tauften ihn „Meister Proper“. Dann zog er aus.

Es zog ein schmächtigerer Mann mit Glatze ein. Er ist nun „Geselle Proper“. :D

After a couple of weeks in, she's pretty satisfied with her purchase and will probably replace her second pair with the »Iten« shoes again.

Also, the shoes arrived here in no time. Two business days from Nairobi to Germany. Since it wasn't clear on the website, we expected something like two weeks. :D

Just thought I would share, as some of you runners might at least want to know about this possibilities of global trade. :)

From my view, they are somewhat pricy (especially with exchange rates and duty payments), but in general, my wife liked quite a few thing about the shoes:
• simplicity
• beautiful and simple colors (she couldn't find cool green running shoes the last time she needed new shoes)
• same colors and models for men and women

And, of course, the mission statement of the company.

My wife needed new running shoes and coincidentally, she found out that there is a start-up from Kenya called Enda selling sportswear.

Obviously, they want to benefit from the Kenyan runners and their experience, to benefit economically, which – I think – is a smart move.

Right now, they manufacture some parts of the shoes in China but try to build everything in Kenya eventually.

Long story short, my wife liked the idea and ordered a pair.

On the other hand, it's remarkable how many external resources are usually loaded, even though they have no impact on the functionality of the website whatsoever.

I'm using those tools for quite some time now, but I'm still surprised about how much unnecessary stuff is added to websites regularly.

My hardest riddle to solve so far was a form that I couldn't send. Because the address I entered was supposed to be validated by Google Maps. Obviously, there was neither a hint that this was to happen, nor any asking for consent before sending a query of someone's address to Google.

As with every development, clear design and good error handling are important. If you happen to build websites, you might try their usability with NoScript or uMatrix turned on before the deployment. :)

One of most interesting things when blocking third-party content on websites by default, is how web developers handle that. The best example might be captchas.

First, I almost never notice that they're missing. Because they're just embedded without any hint that they exist (e.g. a frame or just „Captcha:“). Second, it's interesting to see what happens when proceeding. Some sites are pretty clear („Captcha hasn't been solved“), some just give you a generic error, some just won't proceed at all.

Does anyone of you happen to know how I can edit/access the tag “tags“ in a .mkv file? Tried a few tools, but can't find this particular one anywhere. :D

After watching »Anna« yesterday, I'm finally mad at Luc Besson. After »Lucy«, this is his second movie that (from the trailers) appears to be an entertaining action movie but turns out to just be a weird and uninspired movie that takes itself way too serios. :D

As an addition to my last boost (

1. You can also easily do this with the One-Click Search Engines (see attached image).
2. If you choose a special character (I use !), your keywords can be pretty short while also being distinct. :)
3. You can also directly add a Keyword with many searches by right-clicking and choosing “Add a Keyword for this Search“ from the context menu (second image).

cc @gatewave

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