Positive folk of Mastodon, I want to share a tradition of mine with you.

Each week, we my wife and I write a note with good things that happened throughout the week. We then add these notes to a year.

On , we empty the jar and read about the amazing year we had. It's obviously great to finish/start a year this way, but it's also nice as it "forces" us to contemplate the last week and appreciate the good things that happened, even when things were stressful or felt very mundane.

We started this tradition at the begin of 2017. Picture 1 is the we bought. We then actually read out everything to each other at the last day of 2017 and it really was fun. Rather quickly, we decided that we were to read each others notes. Added even more fun of deciphering handwritings. ;-)

Sometimes, we would try to think and talk about the specific things or the specific week.

Picture 2 shows you our notes. Well, and our beloved cookie jar in the living room. :D

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If you would like to pick up the tradition (which I think you absolutely should!) but want to wait until the start of next year, I'll try to make sure to remember all of you to buy a jar a few days before (hence the hashtag). :P

With this in mind: Have a nice and rememberable remaining weekend!

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Yeez. Just found a few mistakes throughout the thread. I'll do better proofreading next time, sorry. :D

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As you probably already knew, 2018 has been a yellow year. That's why our notes throughout the year had the corresponding color.

It should be 104 positive notes. And we're going to read them now. Well-fed and conscientiously watched by our droid, of course.

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So, there we go, fellow humans. The moment you've been waiting for throughout the year finally arrived!

2019 was ... a blue year!

We're now going to read through our amazing (blue) year. :)

I wish all of you a smooth transition and an amazing 2020!

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For those who might be wondering: I originally posted this at around 19:00, but I forgot the photo, so I reposted it after midnight. We were reading throughout the evening, interrupting ourselves with raclette sessions.

Overall, personally, 2019 ended with a lot of improvements, but also with some daily business chores that might not be necessary or can be reduced. There are also some loose ends that I would like to tie up in (early) 2020.

Let's see how this will go, shall we? :)

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@esureL I love this tradition! Absolutely want to do that, too!

@communeva Great. Feel free to keep me posted how it goes. :)

@esureL Or, don't wait to be thankful and start today, even if it means just putting them in an empty cereal box for now until you can obtain a more display-worthy container.

My new-year's resolution last year was to be more vocal & intentional about that thankfulness—writing notes of thanks or pausing to give a heart-felt thanks to someone for seemingly-mundane things I appreciated. Went well, so I plan to continue this year.


@ed1conf Good points. Also, I like the approach! :)

@esureL Oh how lovely! 💚 Thank you for sharing a wonderful idea.

@Shesawaterfall Ouch. :D I guess one of the next new year's resolutions will either be discipline or consistency? :P

For me, it definitely helps to have my partner involved. And that I'm somewhat serious about my to do list where the task “write note“ shows up every Sunday.

@esureL Hah, yes. Something like that. It would help to do a reminder actually. I think I'll do that now! Ta

And it would def help to get husband involved. There's still a lot fine eels left this year so I'll see how I go!

@esureL I also have a similar jar... but only for myself and openended. Such a lovely idea! Thanks for sharing.

@Julia_Schmeer I'm glad some people like it. :)

So, you have a jar with “open“ notes? What do you do with them then? Read them on a rainy day? Keep them as some sort of diary?

@esureL yes. 😁 I got it as a gift from my brother. I just write random stuff and sometimes read it. I also keep a dedicated diary for my family.

@esureL I'll print your tweet and it'll be the first thing in my , because this is the most wonderful idea I learned about this week. <3

@esureL I like that a lot! We might try a version. Thank you.

@esureL oooh, that's a really nice tip! I'll try doing it too! Life throw so many punches at us that we end up forgetting the good parts. Thanks for the tip!

@ardydo I'm glad it's so well-received. :) I hope your remaining year doesn't offer too many more punches.

@esureL Beautiful idea, thanks for sharing. Will see if we can make it up. Going to search for a jar ;)

@esureL That is so awesome, thank you for sharing the idea! I will definitely propose that to my partner 🙃

@janw Soo ... will this be adopted next year? :D

@esureL This is an amazing wonderful idea. Thank you so much for tooting it. My partner and I are definitely doing this for 2019.

@whami I'm happy to hear that! :) It was very nice last year and I assume it will be just as fun this year.

Just make sure to read the second toot as well as to get a proper jar. ;-)

Happy holidays!

@esureL Thank you so much! This is wonderful and I am going to adopt it!

@marywordymary That's great to hear! I hope you'll have a great 2019 to read about later! :)

[Just make sure to read the second toot as well as to get a proper jar. ;-)]

@kf Feel free to let me know about your 2020, then! :D

That's a beautiful idea! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Shared this with my SO, we're going to get a ticket-shadow box and do the same.


@viciousviscosity Aww, that's great! :)

Feel free to let me know about your great 2020 later on!

@esureL that could work for me when I would collect the stuff I'm grateful for while avoiding toxic positivity.

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