I installed today and it looks like a really cool and comfortable way to contribute to ! A lot of questions (“quests“) for my area that my wife and I can answer when we're strolling through our neighborhood anyway. :)

In fact, it might even be a motivator to go outside more. Or to explore more.

Or at least provide a few targets for our mostly undirected walks.

I might give an update on this in the future when I had a few walks with this. :)

I like this app too, although I often get the impression that quests I answered long ago reappear.
But anyway... 1947 quests answered!

@joesse Huh, that's a lot. Way to go for me, I guess. :D

@esureL actually the app is intended for going outside. You should usually not solve quests from home ("armchair mapping") but go and verify the questions directly on the street!☺


@rugk I feel that one of us got something wrong. :D First toot: Hey, I can use this when I'm strolling outside.
Second toot: Hey, maybe I'll go even more outside because of this!

As far as I understand your reply, you're now telling me that the app is intended for outside use?

I feel that's not much news at this point, is it? :P

@esureL ehem, yes, did not get the meaning of "strolling" first and thought about "scrolling"…

Sorry… 😜

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