So I just registered an account where I used a password with >90 characters. Then I logged in with this password.

Then, a few minutes later, I registered another account for my wife on the same site but got an error that the password had an upper limit of 40 characters.

Now I'm wondering whether
a) I somehow tricked the site on my first try
b) ran into an error on the second try
c) women have other password limits than men.

For now, I go with c), as it is by far the most hilarious answer. :D

d) You triggered the new rule, being the first with a password that long.

@esureL The one responsible for punching the passwords into the card decided that 90 characters is too much.

@joesse Probably. He was like oO(Yeez, this'll be some extra work for me. I'll even need to cut a bigger card!)


“Hey $websitePerson, could you please make sure no one is putting in a password longer than 40? Thanks man!“

@esureL d) they deployed that rule a few minutes before your 2nd try

@esureL d) they ignore everything after the 40th character and did not tell you the first time

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