@solarpunkagorism I don't like these huge firms, but I don't know if products they sell could be made properly by thousands smaller companies, it's a real question.
The problem is, unfortunately, billions customers they have who would buy products to their competitors if they disappear.


@jpfox The problem, again, is not customers or individuals. It's not even those companies, really. It's politics.

We, as a society, make the rules. We set the general conditions for how businesses are allowed to make profits. It's almost a law that many companies will strive towards the edges of these rules and that some will try to break them. So, again, it's on the societies to make the rules strict enough and to enforce them properly.

@esureL you're definitively right.
Constraining huge firms to be proper would certainly have consequences on prices.
Citizens, making laws, and customers are the same persons and I'm not sure they are ready to increase prices of goods they buy. Making stricter laws or reduce goods consumption are the same things in fact, and both are necessarily

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