My wife needed new running shoes and coincidentally, she found out that there is a start-up from Kenya called Enda selling sportswear.

Obviously, they want to benefit from the Kenyan runners and their experience, to benefit economically, which – I think – is a smart move.

Right now, they manufacture some parts of the shoes in China but try to build everything in Kenya eventually.

Long story short, my wife liked the idea and ordered a pair.

From my view, they are somewhat pricy (especially with exchange rates and duty payments), but in general, my wife liked quite a few thing about the shoes:
• simplicity
• beautiful and simple colors (she couldn't find cool green running shoes the last time she needed new shoes)
• same colors and models for men and women

And, of course, the mission statement of the company.


After a couple of weeks in, she's pretty satisfied with her purchase and will probably replace her second pair with the »Iten« shoes again.

Also, the shoes arrived here in no time. Two business days from Nairobi to Germany. Since it wasn't clear on the website, we expected something like two weeks. :D

Just thought I would share, as some of you runners might at least want to know about this possibilities of global trade. :)


@esureL thank's for sharing! I need to buy a second pair soon and will definitely check them out

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