In the past weeks, I ordered quite a few things online. Almost all shops asked for my telephone number, for most of them, entering a number was mandatory.

I used a fake number for all of them. Guess what? I still got all of my items. And if there were any problems (“sorry, there was an error in the data, so we can only send you one shirt, not the two shirts you ordered“), I got notified via email.

Anyone of you in online retail? Then, please don't ask for my number if you don't need it. :)

@esureL In many cases it's a requirement of a courier, they might call if they are unable to get somebody at home. It's not necessarily retailer's fault ;)

@hellcp Hm, interesting point. Still, it's not true for every shop AND I have got every parcel so far, even with a fake number.

So, one way or another, it's pretty pointless. :D

@esureL @hellcp If it was for online retailers my phone number would be 0123456789 😅

Never caused any problems so far.

@esureL I'm sorry sir, but it's the store policy.

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