For a German, sounds like someone would speak funny (sometimes a bit silly) .

Now I wonder: Does German sound “funny“ for Dutch people, too? Or does it sound more like a “hard“ version of their own language? :)

Does anyone happen to know?

@esureL I've always assumed that German just sounds intimidating. Everywhere.

@encarsia @esureL

I am not a native speaker of either, but I I listen to Dutch pirate radio (which plays tracks in Dutch, German and English) to try and improve my language skills. I find Dutch *slightly* easier than German, but one surreal thing I notice is Dutch piratenhits seem to be more often about relationships collapsing in various ways whilst the more romantic tracks are in German 😆 (also they really love yodelling and songs in Boarisch dialect)

@vfrmedia Can't get over "Dutch pirate radio plays Bajuvarian music with lots of yodelling in it"...

You probably won't hear that North of the 'white sausage equator' but the Dutch tend to be (positively) crazy people.

Now I have to listen to FNM's Das Schützenfest:


@encarsia This thread has somehow become a lot weirder than I anticipated. :D @vfrmedia

@esureL I'm both german and dutch, and I sound silly no matter what language I speak.

@esureL I don't have an answer, but I've heard several Germans say this before!

@sandzwerg @esureL @thomascovenant 🤔 10% funny, 90% just a Hard™ language close to ours

the funny part is being exploited tho

@sandzwerg @esureL @thomascovenant do note that almost all Dutch people get at least a year of German

@eater @sandzwerg @esureL @thomascovenant wtf did I just watch? That was frightening and funny at the same time

@Bobo_PK @sandzwerg @esureL @thomascovenant you -watched- fragments of a Finnish horror movie, you heard a Dutch rapper in mutilated German

@esureL german is dutch when everyone sobers back up

i mean come on, no sober person would drain the ocean to build on it

@esureL I'm a Dutch speaker (although I learned German first). To me German feels more rule-based and sounds more dissonant (not in a negative way though!)

To me, German sound either sounds serious or tasteless/cheesy/"fout", but not silly. Afrikaans or Flemish dutch sound silly.

@esureL It really depends on the dialect. For me Low German sounds more serious than High German. Also Flemish (Dutch dialect in Belgium) and Limburgs sounds for people from the north funnier. So maybe you are confused with the southern Dutch dialects. Thinking about that, maybe the serious-funny-dialect-line goes through both Dutch and German. 😉

@esureL When I lived in the Netherlands, the Dutch people imitated German a lot in one of two ways; either moany-hyper-porny or shouty-angry-nazi.

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