From an European perspective, face are somewhat alien to us. But with them in the public discussion for a few weeks now, I'm really wondering why we haven't heard many best practices from countries about them yet.

It feels like we're trying to answer questions by thinking hard, but there are so many people with years of expertise in the world!

So, dear mask-accustomed: How do you use them? How many do you have? When do you change them? When/how do you wash them? etc. :)


I never used masks before - I started around beginning of March. I just have a cheap N95 with breathing vent. I just keeep it in a pocket at all times and put it on when going into populated places like shops. As I just have one and effectively use it for maybe 10 minutes every 3 days I don't replace it or wash it.

@kravietz @esureL "I just have a cheap N95 with breathing vent." - That's the opposite of the idea behind cloth masks. (Protecting other people in case you are contagious.)

@alexander @esureL

Fair point - but that was the only thing I was able to get when the whole thing started!

@alexander @esureL

Fortunately this can be easily fixed with a bit of scotch tape over the vent :)

@kravietz @esureL Try reversing the vent? 😬

I also wonder how often people will wash/boil their cloth masks in reality. Some of the "best practices" floating around seem to suggest daily cleaning.

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