Always remember: The internet, like every place, can be great, beautiful and hopeful.

Yes, even YouTube comments.

If possible, try to ask yourself if your planned action (like a comment or posting) is contributing to the place that you want to see.

With that in mind: Be excellent to each other and have a great start into the week! :-)


One of my favorite products right now is “Die gute Schokolade“ (“The Good Chocolate“) by “Plant for the Planet“. I'm no chocolate nerd in any way, but even I enjoy the taste quite a lot.

Furthermore, they use the money for new trees and CO2 compensation. And it's not even ridicilously expensive either (1 € per bar).

So all in all, a really “good“ and enjoyable buy. :)

I think it's only available in Germany (and the webshop) at the moment.


German, Landtagswahlen & Klima 2/2 

German, Landtagswahlen & Klima 1/2 

I just learned that, prior to the “Global Strike“ in Berlin, there will be a “Business Strike“ at the Bundesfinanzministerium in Berlin.

That's ... quite interesting! Maybe I'll just attend the demo in a suit? :-)


Hi, my name is Sven and my secret super power is accessing exactly how many ingredients I need to entirely fill my cooking vessel.

So after reading the attached XKCD comic about two weeks ago, I thought about a few movies but all of them had a Rotten Tomatoes rating of ~50%–65%, so they didn't quite make the cut.

Yesterday, I finally realized that »Suicide Squad« wasn't well-received, and indeed, it's only 27% at RT.

So yeah, there is my unpopular opinion. I like »Suicide Squad«. I watched it two times in theatres. And I enjoyed the second time even more. :D

Have a great weekend! @OCRbot

Is it just me or does this supermarket really have bitten-off Yeti thumbs in their desserts?

In related news: “Heat dampens the buying/shopping/spending mood“.

So maybe the governments could finally stop jeopardizing our economic success and act? :-)

PSA: During one of the usual conversations, I realized that many don't seem to know this feature: You can automatically expand all CWs in your feed via settings.

Find it at Preferences > Appearance.

As far as I know, this also propagates into (some?) apps, so you might want to test if the server-side option helps with your app usage as well. :)

This is the stage where “AI“ plays dumb, so we don't worry too much about it, right? ;-)

My wife. Innovating through observating.

(Translation: “Well, of course I'm in a subway with a crying baby.

But now there is a man, doing a video call in sign language. That's way more pleasant.

Babies should cry in sign language.“)

After a couple of weeks in, she's pretty satisfied with her purchase and will probably replace her second pair with the »Iten« shoes again.

Also, the shoes arrived here in no time. Two business days from Nairobi to Germany. Since it wasn't clear on the website, we expected something like two weeks. :D

Just thought I would share, as some of you runners might at least want to know about this possibilities of global trade. :)

As an addition to my last boost (

1. You can also easily do this with the One-Click Search Engines (see attached image).
2. If you choose a special character (I use !), your keywords can be pretty short while also being distinct. :)
3. You can also directly add a Keyword with many searches by right-clicking and choosing “Add a Keyword for this Search“ from the context menu (second image).

cc @gatewave

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