I have a joke about livelock, but I don’t have a joke about livelock, but I do have a joke about livelock, but I don’t have a joke about livelock, …

this evening I made a small site to host kaomoji and other symbols that need copypasting on mobile: moji.eth.moe

source is at git.eth.moe/moji, license is MIT

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"women and enbies" just say "people eligible to slay the witch-king of angmar"

every time I see "ICMP", my brain tries to figure out what the "I" is. International Canadian Mounted Police…? Illegal Canadian Mounted Police…?

some thoughts on software engineering responsibility and the need to consider the whole system (hint: the whole system is society, which we live in)


seeing cis gamers talk about “crossplay” will never not be funny

I wrote a brief howto on writing to your MP (or other elected representatives): ethulhu.co.uk/how-to-write-to-

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youtube comment reposting 

I look forward to the day when we all look at "We Have a Duty To Our Shareholders" with the same raw, justified disgust as "I was just following orders."

@uint8_t did you make a photo tagging setup with TMSU in the end?

is there a kink hookup Mastodon server, and is it called FedLife?

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Smartphone privacy 

Contacts access should not be a thing. You can't consent on behalf of everyone in your address book, whose information you would be sharing.

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@sir @freedcreative with our shared climate fate, cryptocurrencies acquire value by strip-mining the future.

objectification of women in media is such a poorly understood concept, too often believed to mean "is attractive" instead of "can be replaced 1:1 with a literal object"

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Taken and John Wick are the same movie, but in Taken the role of John Wick's car is played by Maggie Grace.

I wrote up how to use YubiKeys for passwordless sudo over SSH: ethulhu.co.uk/yubikey

‪one of the true masterstrokes of modern propaganda is the separation of a single person into an internal class-divide of “tax payer”, “consumer”, and “worker”, so that we accept nonsense takes like “paying workers is unfair to tax payers”.‬

dear LazyWeb, is it possible to tombstone a GMail account? I've had a bunch of breakin attempts on deadname accounts, and would like to make them only an email forward, and remove the ability to log in.

(they already have 2FA, I want deactivated-except-mail-forward)

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Several years ago, a colleague told me an old war story about how he was asked to build a database of his colleague's notes from therapy sessions, so that their employers could secretly read them. I asked if he knew it was illegal, and he said yes. I asked if he refused the work, he said no. I asked if he told the authorities, he said no. He seemed to think this was all perfectly fine.

I still think about that conversation a lot.

"time doesn't work in the Quarantine" status: I added the date to my statusbar so I can remember what day it is.

‪Mirrors Edge 2 first impressions: the weakest part of the Mirrors Edge 1 was the combat, but the solution was to remove it, not to try and make it stronger. 🤦‍♀️ the unique selling point of a parkour game is outrunning police, not fighting them.‬

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