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More people should learn how to write and read properly.

Judging by multiple work environments: it doesn't look like that has been a core-skill in our education systems in decades.

I truly wonder how anything gets done.

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"- És una qüestió de disciplina - em deia més tard el
petit príncep -. Al matí, quan has acabat d'arreglar-te, has d'arreglar amb compte el planeta."

For me, each individual's identity has always preceded their genitalia (including myself), so I've always been wary of people/situations for-whom/where that's a "defining/deciding factor".
This wonderful article by explores a similar instance of that

After a couple months of stable weight, having lost nearly 20kg, today is the first day I use pants my size and... Boy is that a difference.

TIL about precisely what I needed for a custom tool that is to be used in contexts fully alien to Software Development.

Bonus: turns out uses it, which means I'm on the right track here :-D.

Pulling the plug on a thing I deprecated about 2 years ago and people *still use*. Now I have to think about yet another "graceful" transition.
Jeez... dealing with computers (and people) is just the worst.

Grrr wie soll ich den Tag richtig anfangen, wenn die Tagesschau von gestern nicht verfügbar ist >,<.
Das ist "kritische" Infra :-D.

Much has been said about using scp being outdated and how rsync should be preferred over scp, but sometimes I just want `scp -3 host1:stuff host2:stuff`.

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Wir haben da mal im letzten halben Jahr eine Firma für Softwareentwicklung gegründet. Wir möchten selbstbestimmt arbeiten, eine respektvolle Unternehmenskultur pflegen & natürlich qualitativ hochwertige Software entwickeln:

War ein langer Weg, erschwert durch die Pandemie aber umso glücklicher sind wir jetzt, dass wir starten können :yayblob:

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After a couple of months work I can finally post a bit more about this. We finally got our company up and running 😸 🎉 Happy to work with people who share the same values regarding human interaction and technology.

«La historia se escribe en "replay", pero se hace en vivo y en directo»
Da gusto escuchar a cuántas cosas se aprenden…

TIL in a very awkward way that on leap years, February and August have the same date to weekday distribution (until August 29th, for obvious reasons).

@tuttle @titi això va en línia de coses que hem parlat últimament :-).

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Potser mai havia publicat res tan personal a internet. I he decidit fer-ho en català.

Però no és només personal. És part d'un experiment mental per identificar maneres concretes d'ajudar localment, per millorar globalment.

Esto no es a lo que se refería el RGPD / GDPR.
¿Quién, si no una persona técnica, se supone que entenderá este mensaje?
Y si eres una persona técnica te quejarás: es frigging TLS, no SSL >,<.

Brilliant. I just bought an ebook I can't read because of DRM (Digital Rights Management) and after fiddling around for an hour, I am very close to getting a pirated version so I can finally read it.
Great stuff.

FTR, all I needed to start doing on was: pkg install leiningen.
It is *that* easy these days.

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For comparison: I just spent about 2 hours doing chapter 1 of "Web Development with Third Edition"'.
This involved me geeking out on all the various tools in between and... I can say I have a broad understanding of the system and a good intuition of its strengths and can already start hacking simple things.

's bootstrapping reaaaaally needs to get better.

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Every few months I keep coming back to and think "huh, this looks nice".
Then I spend an hour or so figuring out the tooling, end up giving up and archive it until next time I forget why I'm not using it.

Anyway, everyday is for all of those that I consider my , thank you for your often-underappreciated-work.

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Maybe for next year I should remind people ahead of time that is a thing.
But hey, nothing breaks, so nobody bothers me :-p, I'm fine with that too.

Ogni giorno interagisco con cinque o sei lingue naturali. Non sono capace d'immaginare la vita di un monolingue.
Una nuova lingua porta nuovi prospettivi, più cultura, più vita.

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