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More people should learn how to write and read properly.

Judging by multiple work environments: it doesn't look like that has been a core-skill in our education systems in decades.

I truly wonder how anything gets done.

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"- És una qüestió de disciplina - em deia més tard el
petit príncep -. Al matí, quan has acabat d'arreglar-te, has d'arreglar amb compte el planeta."

And this Merge Request addresses the bit that I find to be not-well-documented-enough.

Perks of OpenSource and in general ^^.

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Minor annoyances so far, unless specified they are documented with decent work-arounds:
- bunch of .pkgsave files when pkg detects the file existed previously
- duplicated rc-files (due to .pkgsave) --> things run twice on boot (awkward)
- duplicated .ko files (due to .pkgsave) --> modules "try to load twice" when needed (awkward)

- This is documented, but not with this perspective: Performing a system upgrade to a new version with pkgbase is a tad awkward due to the ABI change.

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Testing for , so far so good. Particularly using @meena's unofficial repo ( ) has been a breeze.

I know I could build and run my own repo, but she is a wonderful community member and I am not a fan of rebuilding all the things just because (e.g. these days it is hot enough in Barcelona without compiling :-D).

Accidentally upgraded a bunch of machines to 13.0-RELEASE-p2 without being aware that p2 was out X-D.

Dolibarr running on 🎉 (with based provisioning, because if you do it once, you do it twice).

I'm actually a tad surprised at how well Dolibarr
works in general.

Had a couple issues with how it expects the SMTP credentials to be able to send email from anyone, which is a tad absurd, but I managed to add a couple hacks to fix that.

DEmedia Israel 

Wie immer, jemand spricht viel besser darüber (auch wenn nicht DE-spezifisch)

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DEmedia Israel 

Der Fakt, dass berechtigte Kritik an der Dimension der Antwort Israels, immer wieder zusammen mit einigen Judenfeindlichen Ausdrücken zusammengeführt wird ist auch nicht zufällig.
Nicht nur werden dadurch Menschen (pauschal, "alle") in Palästina ent-humanisiert, sie werden im Diskurs zu passive Subjekten wenn es um deren Tot geht, und zu aktive Subjekte bezüglich Schläge auf Israel.
Ferner, wird Kritik an Aktionen des Staats Israels mit Judenfeindlichkeit zusammen verknüpft (!).

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DEmedia Israel 

Und ich verstehe, es ist komplex und Deutschlands Position ist aus historischen Gründen… ähm… delikat, aber sicherlich gibt es Wege, Information ohne solche Manipulation zu vermitteln.

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DEmedia Israel 

Es kommt häufiger vor, dass ich deutsche Medien als offensichtlich verzerrt in bestimmten Bereichen wahrnehme.

Aber was die Tage über Israel/Palästina berichtet wird, lässt mich immer wieder geärgert.
Der Fokus geht (quasi wörtlich) an "es werden Raketen gegen Israel geschossen, die mehrheitlich wegen Abwehrsystemen nicht aufs Land kommen", und krasse Bombardierungen auf Palästina neben bei erwähnt werden.
Menschen in Israel "wurden ermordet", in Palästina aber "sind gestorben", …

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So, looks like that was it for . It's certainly the end of an era. Maybe that's also a good opportunity to consider moving to @matrix.

*sigh* now is going to be entirely online; which means now I'd actually consider sending a CFP. The bad thing is that the deadline is next week. Now guess who doesn't have time these days?
Oh well, we'll see.

Apparently that build for twisted got stuck waiting for the OPTIONS >,<... We'll see if this works:

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The idea behind this is... I've been thinking about auto-patches for Python ports for a while, and since it looks like I'm stuck maintaining a couple, I might as well make it easy for me to do that properly.
We'll see how far I come with that idea, in the meantime it is already useful.

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Today I re-read an issue report I wrote. And I am again surprised at how bad certbot is. There was a reason why I keep it off my systems as much as I can.

I trolled a bit a friend into installing .
It worked well for them apparently :-D.

(Trolled them because I wasn't *actually sure* it'd work xD I just imagined it would, and stated things vaguely enough that it could be interpreted as an assurance).

mini-windows rant 

Fck Windows updates. One can't ever work with that OS in a rush.

@komun hola gent bonica, us comento ràpidament que el vostre web no es veu bé en pantalles amb una resolució molt ample! (es col·lapsa tot a una amplada d'uns 200px).

Just realised that 13's base has a tiny bit of code written by these fingers :-D.

@titi ea, he canviat 4 coses de webs i de perfil de fedi per afegir-hi enllaços Ğ1 ^^.

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