It's official. has become my go-to OS to test things.
Need to debug networking in a virtualisation environment? 's live "CD" it is.
Need to quickly test the deployment of X or Y? A VM it is.

At this stage usual distros are starting to feel bloated in comparison O.ô.
It's one of those things that a few years ago I thought it was snobbery from users, but something has clicked after using for a while. The system does what I want it to do, not less. And, a tad more importantly, not more.

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Note that this is a fine line between bashing on something else for being different and showing the perceived virtues of a thing.
The ecosystem has great things, it just also has many things that don't quite fit the way I think about systems and (and as well) just fit in a way that has much less friction for me.

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In the end: to each its own.
I am happy to have revisited what I had decided "my own" was and now I am happier with that decision than I was before.

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That's how I feel about it. I often find that I can either intuit what #OpenBSD will do (or at least get close!), and when something is beyond my realm of knowledge, reading the docs makes complete sense.

Compare that to other systems, where I often find myself wondering why the developers did it that way. I use Linux frequently because sometimes it is just the best tool for the job, but when I do I almost always feel like the whole thing is needlessly over-engineered.

On the other hand, there have certainly be times where I've tried to do something that would be trivial on Linux due to availability of certain packages, and frustrated myself because I wanted to work in a familiar environment. And them *I'm* the one needlessly complicating my solution.

So I guess what I'm trying to get at is, I agree with you: To each their own.

@rdh I don't think I can agree more :-D. So far my approach with has been to create/update the ports I need myself, and very often it works quickly enough that it's not much of an issue.
Plus side: other people won't have the same issues in the future.
But this definitely is a thing; Linux will still have its place, and that's totally fine!

I don't use as my daily driver, but on some specific cases, I haven't had the "lacking package X" issue there :-D. I guess it's the same!

@evilham Yeah, I also found it a bit simpler to port software written on to than the other way around. Might be because of the way I write software, but I don't know for sure.

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