Much has been said about using scp being outdated and how rsync should be preferred over scp, but sometimes I just want `scp -3 host1:stuff host2:stuff`.

@evilham interesting. My first thought was "oh a force ipv3 switch" 😁
Then I looked up the manpage

-3 Copies between two remote hosts are
transferred through the local host.
Without this option the data is copied
directly between the two remote hosts.
Note that this option disables the
progress meter.

Why would you want to have transfers via your localhost though 🤔 isn't direct transfer faster?
Or does that need some prior complicated auth setup?


@aslmx IPv3? :-D That's a good brain trick.

Copying between different remote hosts works without `-3` only if there is already some auth mechanism set up (e.g. with ~/.ssh/config in origin host).
This is something I avoid to keep this risk low:

So, yeah :-D sometimes you do want `-3`.

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