@evilham Only if you don't supports wheels, which should be unlikely in 2021. But how else should Rust python binaries work? They of course need to link to their stdlib.

@evilham That's a shame, though :(. But is wheel
even generally supported on BSDs?

@evilham Ok, then someone has to file an issue to them, so that they fix it.

Honestly, I think once Rust is more established, all people already have its stdlib installed, like it's currently with C and C++.
We can love Rust or have the opinion that it doesn't solve all problems of C++, but we need one common denominator to step forward away from C without needing the libs of 10 Low-Level Langs.

I'm pragmatic and don't care much either way. However, by depending on rust, cryptography (the python package) has become less portable (as of today, when we are living).
@sir put it nicely written here: drewdevault.com/2021/02/09/Rus

@evilham I read this article long ago and agree with it.
But no matter if you think Rust doesn't solve enough problems of C++ or Zig is the better alternative, I think it's good SW world finally decided on one C/C++ successor. There are still lots of things bad at Rust, but things improve: rust-gcc.github.io/
The thing about rewriting is that when you have code that ísn't feature-complete and you extend its feature set, rewriting it part-for-part in a replacment lang makes sense.

@bionade24 ofc, it depends on each project though if they provide pre-compiled wheels or not.

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