Today I re-read an issue report I wrote. And I am again surprised at how bad certbot is. There was a reason why I keep it off my systems as much as I can.

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@evilham I've been using mod_md for years now and don't wanna use anything else ever again

@meena nice! I haven't used apache in years though :-p (possibly over a decade already jeez... time flies).
Nowadays I use acme-tiny or, depending on whether or not I can use python on the host :-D (not always the case!).

@evilham @meena I've been using dehydrated successfully, it's a good third option IMO

@bfiedler @evilham all good options, really

but my main reason for using mod_md is that it reduces the TLS config to like two lines, and it's an safe and secure config at that, which i don't have to do anything for!

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