Accidentally upgraded a bunch of machines to 13.0-RELEASE-p2 without being aware that p2 was out X-D.

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@meena yep :-D I knew that was coming one day or another, just didn't know it was out already and was surprised when my provisioning applied OS patches :-p.
So now I'm re-considering whether or not I want to manually adapt which patch level I live in. We'll see!

@evilham have you heard the good word of PkgBase yet? :P

@meena I keep wanting to give that a go and then forget >,<

@meena # pkg install -g 'FreeBSD-*'

"Cross fingers" :-p

@meena ouch, just did that on 13.0 and can't seem to trick pkg to upgrade to CURRENT >,<... will have to work that out a bit. Anyways, the pkg repo works :-D!

@meena :-D if you know how to! Or you could also give me a pointer and I can help write that up ^^

@meena badum-ts... I literally had that tab open and hadn't noticed that bit...

I guess it really lacks your charm and that's why :-D.

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