Testing for , so far so good. Particularly using @meena's unofficial repo ( ) has been a breeze.

I know I could build and run my own repo, but she is a wonderful community member and I am not a fan of rebuilding all the things just because (e.g. these days it is hot enough in Barcelona without compiling :-D).

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Minor annoyances so far, unless specified they are documented with decent work-arounds:
- bunch of .pkgsave files when pkg detects the file existed previously
- duplicated rc-files (due to .pkgsave) --> things run twice on boot (awkward)
- duplicated .ko files (due to .pkgsave) --> modules "try to load twice" when needed (awkward)

- This is documented, but not with this perspective: Performing a system upgrade to a new version with pkgbase is a tad awkward due to the ABI change.

And this Merge Request addresses the bit that I find to be not-well-documented-enough.

Perks of OpenSource and in general ^^.

@evilham you need to add it to the makefile to be built

@evilham i'd have more comments, but gitnex doesn't support those very well

let's see if I'm still logged in on the website or if i need to find my yubikey

@meena "can't atm, have to find the yubikey and it's probably in the other room" is actually a very common issue :-D.

@meena 🙈 it looks like Let's Encrypt didn't quite do its job and the cert expired a few mins ago.

@meena it's beautifully back online with all its greatness :-).

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