I have disabled XWayland on my `hikari` setup for quite some time. Not missing anything. hikari.acmelabs.space

@raichoo I only ever have it enable when testing for the FreeBSD port :D

@xanderio @raichoo I still need it for things like the nextcloud client or the fancy X-like emacs interface :-D. So... Feel free to poke if you want to skip the Xwayland test, since I have a pkg repo and follow 's development, I can be your guinea pig ^^.

@evilham @xanderio Haven't personally tested it myself for quite some time. Feel free to poke me whenever something goes south.

@raichoo @xanderio omg, remember that strange bug where the border for GTK apps didn't quite match what hikari was drawing? I think the latest patch for subsurfaces fixed that X-D.
Firefox! Making subtle bugs in other places super obvious :-D.

@evilham @raichoo at least with the Firefox gtk-based file dialogs I'm still having this issue. Wasn't that related to CSD?

@xanderio @evilham It's indeed related to CSD, I would be very surprised if that would have fixed this kind of behavior.


@raichoo @xanderio '-.- this is weird! These issues disappeared for a few hours and when I rebooted they appeared again; oh well! At least these are minor and can be lived with :-D.

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@evilham @xanderio It's how CSD is currently handled, would have rather surprised me if anything about that would have changed given the nature of the fix. It's a completely different department.

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