@meena it looks like the Let's Encrypt provisioning had some issue again on .live 🙈

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@evilham thanks

i need to set a cron job to restart httpd on that server

@meena <3 thanks. Out of curiosity: how are you managing the acme bits?

@meena love to skim the documentation and see "enabled in freebsd's apache24 package" thanks to you :-D.

@evilham it took so long to get this committed, that i changed my name in between.!

@evilham anyway, i still need to figure out why the graceful restart isn't gracefully restarting anything:

@meena OMG, judging from the reply it works so differently from what I understood from skimming the documentation.

@evilham always good to align the docs with your assumptions, even if it takes you a year to do so

@meena ugh, there is indeed an issue with how fast ports can move forward '-.-
The bad thing is that I'm unsure it can be fixed in a way other than adding more people to the pool, but that's understandably a long road.

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