People from the , particuarly those managing :
It looks to me like the only way to run an instance is to "lose" a full domain to the service, is that correct?

That is, if I own, and want to have, but do not want to be the fediverse interface, is that doable?

I know having subdomains is possible, and it certainly looks like getting new domains is common practise, the former is fugly, the latter seems unnecessary and wasteful.


Side question for admins: is the BEAM busy wait really necessary? for a somewhat low traffic instance, is it alright to get rid of it?

@tuttle do you happen to know this? xD

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@evilham I've never tried that, but it is an option. Let me know! :)

@tuttle oh my, you were like the one person I expected to know something about this >,<
Everything looks quite horrible somehow, I am leaning towards staying away from touching the fediverse from an admin's PoV.

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