Someone should implement `-3` from `scp` into `rsync`.

That's literally the one flag I use `scp` for and I always get annoyed at `scp` doing "the wrong thing".

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@evilham I have never used that feature before, but I can agree it would be useful sometimes.

I'd probably just hack it with ssh and tar

ssh user@host1 "tar -C /some/path -czpf - files/" | ssh user@host2 "tar -C /some/path -xvpf -"

@feld that'd probably work :-D but I think instead of bothering with that I'd do `scp -r -3 u1@h1:PATH1 u2@h2:PATH2` and be mostly done with it.
Yes, it has issues with symlinks, it is a tad quirky with the directory handling, but it is certainly easier to wizard out when needed.
Basically: I really would like to use `rsync -3 -a` >,<

@tuttle no, no, that's `scp` being weird; `rsync` does support `-p` for the port :-D.
That's yet one reason why `scp` is so broken for me!

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