I just discovered that vscode runs perfectly fine on and am impressed at how decent of an IDE it is for python ô.o.


Seriously impressed witg vscode! Mypy works, black works, isort works, docs work, autocompletion works, tests work, intellisense is… decent. Also with libraries(!).
I knew Microsoft had done a great job with the Language Server Protocol, but hadn't really taken advantage of it (and on (!))
In comparison my emacs setup is… rudimentary to be gentle.

@evilham Heard a lot of good things about VSCode. I'm a person though. Not really interested in breaking that habit 😺

@meena @evilham Didn't try it tbh. Currently I'm good. But VSCode is something I definitely recommend to newcomers looking for an editor. Unless they really want to go down the Vim rabbit hole.

@meena @raichoo @evilham they allow you to run actual neovim as the editor now (just found this out recently). I don’t know how it works with neovim plug-ins, but there seemed to be at least some conflicts judging by the weird stuff happening to style of my keypresses

@bfiedler @meena @evilham Doesn't really sound like an approach I would like to use ^^. Personally I'd use one thing or the other, not a chimera. Never had good results when I tried something like that.

@raichoo @bfiedler @meena AFAIK that's the magic behind LSP, most emacs IDE-like plugins are moving in the direction of using LSP and deprecating other approaches because... Turns out the design is quite solid and flexible!
I, for one, will probably be using vscode every once in a while to speedup certain processes, and certainly will care about supporting it in my projects so people can hack away quickly.

@evilham @raichoo @meena LSP is a protocol that has no connection to VSCode though, except both being developed primarily by M$FT. VSCode comes with a lot "out-of-the-box", which neovim arguably does too since 0.5 with its integrated LSP client and neovim-lspconfig.

@bfiedler @evilham @meena Didn't do anything with LSP yet. But it's great that someone actually made something like this.

@bfiedler @raichoo @meena actually, they are connected. LSP was developed **because of VSCode** and it was standarised afterwards.
If anything, VSCode is the showcase of how well LSP can work to support many different languages with one single IDE, of course every software supporting LSP benefits from all of that now!

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