Engineering section of popular streaming company asked on the blue site:
"What language did you write you first line of code in?"

Mine was Logo Writer, it was lovely and I appreciate having had access to it as a kid.

Turns out, I wrote about what that was like… Quite a bit ago (time flies…)

Esto no es a lo que se refería el RGPD / GDPR.
¿Quién, si no una persona técnica, se supone que entenderá este mensaje?
Y si eres una persona técnica te quejarás: es frigging TLS, no SSL >,<.

Sunny confinement activities: upgrading images (dualstack and IPv6-only). Automating the process while at it.

Learnt a thing or two of
releng team's work with that, could come in handy some day.

The whole thing is obviously Open Source, like most things at

Coses de dissabte, preparat-me per "portar" el club de lectura amb la @titi – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community