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Good, realistic take on FreeBSD on laptops.

This mirrors my own experience pretty well:

"Is FreeBSD ready for the desktop? Yes and no. Yes, in that I have a very nice FreeBSD laptop where everything works the way I want. But no, in that it took me two months worth of fiddling with this in my spare time to fix some of the "glitches" which arose"

Also, you have to be pretty careful with your choice of hardware.


#freebsd #laptop

@Horizon_Innovations I can vouch for working fine on a similar laptop ;-). Mind you that though things are improving, desktop UX is still not great out of the box ("some assembly required"), so you might want to consider or as -based desktop-oriented alternatives.

is also supposed to be really good on laptops with even better e.g. wireless drivers.

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Doing work (volunteer or paid) that helps others, paid work that covers bills + a little more, & a respectful work environment may help work be sustainable & fulfilling.

@nvi yup. That'd be ideal. And if it actually were usable without the GUI, even more.

2020: We have RFC6578 [1] since 2012 and still exactly zero decent WebDAV clients with synchronisation.

I'd even pay for something like mountainduck.io (even if it were OSS and free and whatever if they gave me the option), but mind you, it's only for Mac/Windows.

OSS things.

[1]: tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6578

@raichoo this is totally a thing. What many people miss is that in order for this background processing to happen, you have to have done *some* related foreground work. Without the latter, inspiration doesn't magically happen.


That's the funny thing: it's Absolute FreeBSD by @mwlucas.

I kind of expected it to be a tad too basic for me these days, but actually it's super well written and it helps deepen understanding of... pretty much everything.
There are also a few great pointers to things I didn't know existed.

@e1e0 kinda X-D. I don't usually like "tech books", but it looks like reading @mwlucas is just right for me.
Just wish I had read these books a few years back and learned the lessons the easy way X'D.

*sigh* this would have saved me many an hour:
"IPv6 dies without ICMPv6, as IPv6 doesn’t support packet fragmentation. If you use IPv6, never block ICMPv6 as a whole. Blocking parts of ICMPv6 without destroying your network requires careful research and testing."

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"I’m not going to name sites accessible only via IPv4, because if I do, those sites will add IPv6 half an hour after this book reaches the printer."
@mwlucas, maybe you should have mentioned @GithHub@twitter.com :-D.

@shibayashi nice, those "small" updates still take time, so it's great when people help. Thank you!

@shibayashi show me a link :-D.
Very glad that was useful to someone other than me!

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My first contribution to the FreeBSD Ports tree was accepted :)

Thanks again to @evilham for your helpful guide.

@friend hum sorry, nope.
Zugeben, man leidet an Liebeskummer, oder allgemeiner über Gefühle reden, selbst wenn diese nicht gegenseitig waren, führt überhaupt nicht dazu als möglicher Vergewaltiger gesehen zu werden.
Solange Respekt gegenüber den Anderen, deren Wille und deren physikalische und psychologische Integrität vorhanden waren, soll das niemals ein Risiko sein.

@pingpong warum wird denn nicht drüber geredet? Ernste Frage!

@xanderio das glaub ich, ich finde es zwar verblüffend, wie krass es überwiegend als Frauen-Sache dargestellt wird.
Es ist als würden Männer nicht drüber reden weil Männer nicht drüber reden weil Mä[...]

Ich finde es interessant, wie das Internet "denkt", dass "Liebeskummer" eine Sache exklusiv der Frauen wäre.

Redet ihr Männer etwa nicht darüber? Leidet ihr nicht daran?

@notcmhobbs I'd just recommend giving it a go. has its own virtualisation called vmm, which works nicely for OpenBSD and Linux, I'm unsure about e.g. virtualising windows.
AFAIK does better on the media side in general, it may depend on the hardware because most people I know with claim it's alright.
also has its low-weight virtualisation called bhyve, which does virtualise whatever you point at it.

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what is really not ok is defending these restrictions in the name of privacy. if you post as:Public you do not have any privacy. there is really nothing more to say on it.
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🤦‍♀️ I just realised: echo 'a' | cut -d ',' -f 2
reuturns 'a' and not '' as I expected.

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