@xanderio ging mir gestern auch so... irgendwie habe ich noch am Abend meine 2 freie Stunden daran verbracht '-.-

@tj it nuked me for about 48h and I got an interesting toned down preview of what actual COVID looks like. Don't want to catch that, nope. Good luck :-D.

humor negre 

@giorgiograppa d'una manera o una altra, Darwin els/ens ha fallat.

@TrechNex makes sense ^^ we all just want to do things.
If I do try to use OTP with the YubiKey I'll make sure to tell you if it works :-p.

@TrechNex yep, I use it mostly for SSH auth, but also it works neatly with U2F in Firefox. TBH I haven't used it for OTPs, it's not my YubiKey use-case >,<.

@TrechNex TBH? I'm unsure :-D... I just know I got it to work and in my best fashion, it is neatly documented in a `bootstrap.sh` script, so I can boot off a USB stick, plug in the yubikey and connect places without having to fiddle around.

Did this work for you? If so, would you consider writing it down in a wiki-like fashion and adding it to wiki.FreeBSD.org?

@TrechNex and then add my user to the u2f group.

What did you try and how is it not working?

# We need to setup the yubikey (repos, ...)
pkg install -y pcsc-lite opensc ykclient
# gnupg
pkg install -y gnupg pinentry-curses
# gpg config
mkdir "${HOME}/.gnupg" || true
chmod 700 "${HOME}/.gnupg"
if [ ! -f "${HOME}/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf" ]; then
cat > "${HOME}/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf" <<EOF
default-cache-ttl 60
max-cache-ttl 120
pinentry-program $(which pinentry-curses)
chmod 600 "${HOME}/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf"

@TrechNex hum, weird, this is what I do in case it is different from what you do:

@raichoo @xanderio '-.- this is weird! These issues disappeared for a few hours and when I rebooted they appeared again; oh well! At least these are minor and can be lived with :-D.

@raichoo @xanderio incidentally, Remmina had a very weird behaviour when connecting to a remote screen session; that's gone too :-D.
I thought it was a Remmina quirk, turns out this was quite possibly it!

@raichoo @xanderio omg, remember that strange bug where the border for GTK apps didn't quite match what hikari was drawing? I think the latest patch for subsurfaces fixed that X-D.
Firefox! Making subtle bugs in other places super obvious :-D.

@xanderio @raichoo I still need it for things like the nextcloud client or the fancy X-like emacs interface :-D. So... Feel free to poke if you want to skip the Xwayland test, since I have a pkg repo and follow 's development, I can be your guinea pig ^^.

La nova versió de Debian surt en unes setmanetes, testing hauria de tirar molt bé ara :-)

@solene @solenepercent as funny trivia: I run exo.cat 's DNS on :-p good things of associative ISPs!

@solenepercent @solene I agree so much with everything you said!
A tad further to the south in Catalonia we are bootstrapping this: mixetess.org/ and the CHATONS are a big inspiration (mixetes are also cats :-D).
Other than that, more at the infra level there is also exo.cat and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guifi.ne

@giorgiograppa doncs ànims en la cerca! Que en trobeu alguna cosa bona ^^.

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