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«La historia se escribe en "replay", pero se hace en vivo y en directo»
Da gusto escuchar a cuántas cosas se aprenden…

TIL in a very awkward way that on leap years, February and August have the same date to weekday distribution (until August 29th, for obvious reasons).

@tuttle @titi això va en línia de coses que hem parlat últimament :-).

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Potser mai havia publicat res tan personal a internet. I he decidit fer-ho en català.

Però no és només personal. És part d'un experiment mental per identificar maneres concretes d'ajudar localment, per millorar globalment.

Esto no es a lo que se refería el RGPD / GDPR.
¿Quién, si no una persona técnica, se supone que entenderá este mensaje?
Y si eres una persona técnica te quejarás: es frigging TLS, no SSL >,<.

re: #freebsd #bhyve #Linux part 2 2/2 

@ondrej but it really should be set with [ipv6_]gateway_enable and not as sysctls ^^.

re: #freebsd #bhyve #Linux part 2 2/2 

@ondrej I'd recommend using pflog + tcpdump to discard the firewall.
Also, is the system setup with [ipv6_]gateway_enable in rc.conf? :-D
# sysctl -a | grep forwarding
should show 1.

Brilliant. I just bought an ebook I can't read because of DRM (Digital Rights Management) and after fiddling around for an hour, I am very close to getting a pirated version so I can finally read it.
Great stuff.


@xanderio pass gut auf dich auf ^^. Das gehört auch dazu, es muss nicht immer sein, dass man aktiv irgendwas vorantreibt.

FTR, all I needed to start doing on was: pkg install leiningen.
It is *that* easy these days.

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For comparison: I just spent about 2 hours doing chapter 1 of "Web Development with Third Edition"'.
This involved me geeking out on all the various tools in between and... I can say I have a broad understanding of the system and a good intuition of its strengths and can already start hacking simple things.

's bootstrapping reaaaaally needs to get better.

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Every few months I keep coming back to and think "huh, this looks nice".
Then I spend an hour or so figuring out the tooling, end up giving up and archive it until next time I forget why I'm not using it.

Anyway, everyday is for all of those that I consider my , thank you for your often-underappreciated-work.

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Maybe for next year I should remind people ahead of time that is a thing.
But hey, nothing breaks, so nobody bothers me :-p, I'm fine with that too.

Ogni giorno interagisco con cinque o sei lingue naturali. Non sono capace d'immaginare la vita di un monolingue.
Una nuova lingua porta nuovi prospettivi, più cultura, più vita.

It was tested on , support might require minor editing, do poke if that's an issue (also if it isn't and it works for you).

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So, I got fed up with phabricator's UI for audits, if anyone has to do way too many audits and needs some streamlined batch auditing helper, this might be useful for you:

O.ô Upload Filter + diese Regelung mit Ziel: "[Verpflichtung aller Anbieter ihrer] Plattformen aktiv nach Bildern von Kindesmissbrauch zu durchsuchen", heißt doch AI trainieren und dafür **dementsprechende Datensätze haben**, oder?
Es klingt… Bescheuert.

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