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It was tested on , support might require minor editing, do poke if that's an issue (also if it isn't and it works for you).

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So, I got fed up with phabricator's UI for audits, if anyone has to do way too many audits and needs some streamlined batch auditing helper, this might be useful for you:

O.ô Upload Filter + diese Regelung mit Ziel: "[Verpflichtung aller Anbieter ihrer] Plattformen aktiv nach Bildern von Kindesmissbrauch zu durchsuchen", heißt doch AI trainieren und dafür **dementsprechende Datensätze haben**, oder?
Es klingt… Bescheuert.

COVID / Media 

Virtually all Spanish Media these days: "SUCCESS, VACCINE MOVES FORWARD!".
Me meanwhile: "nope, wrong framing, people will actually believe that risk is about to magically disappear".

This on the other hand, spot on (and not just for the U.S.):

I've just wasted about 20 hours in total to, I kid you not, Windows 10's inconsistent use of case sensitive APIs.
Apparently you can find either of these depending on Windows 10's build or god knows what:
- HKCU\Software

Die SBB empfehlt mir die Schweiz weiter zu entdecken.
Die News empfehlen mir weiter zu hause zu bleiben '^^.
Ich wäre auch gerne Optimist abeeeer...

"Meta" Bemerkung: je später im Leben ich eine Sprache gelernt habe, desto einfacher es mir vorkommt, über persönliches in der Sprache zu sprechen.
Daher, dass es grad Deutsch ist. Evtl wird's doch Italienisch in einem Jahr sein.

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Heute bemerkt: morgen fängt Monat 6 meiner "sozialer Isolierung" an.
Trotz des Leids und der Leere, fühlt es sich langsam "normal" an; wozu will man Menschen um sich wieder? Ich vergesse es häufiger.

Now, I wonder if, like back in 2015, the EU and the US will start rushing to reach an agreement that puts a patch on things and calms public opinion without actually addressing the issues or, you know, just stop giving US companies a comparatively favourable treatment when it comes to data privacy regulations.

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I find it interesting that the
article repeats multiple times "The European Commission and U.S. officials maintain the Privacy Shield improves privacy protections."
As if it was worth saving.

What they doesn't mention is that Privacy Shield came to be because Safe Harbour, the thing regulating data transfers before, was also deemed invalid (AKA: this has happened before!)
And well, Privacy Shield wasn't great even in 2016, much less now:

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Different ways of reading the same news:

~~"US is not worthy of special treatment regarding data privacy and is to be considered a third country"


~~ "How dares the CJEU put privacy before the economy! Privacy Shield is good!"

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In the end: to each its own.
I am happy to have revisited what I had decided "my own" was and now I am happier with that decision than I was before.

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Note that this is a fine line between bashing on something else for being different and showing the perceived virtues of a thing.
The ecosystem has great things, it just also has many things that don't quite fit the way I think about systems and (and as well) just fit in a way that has much less friction for me.

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At this stage usual distros are starting to feel bloated in comparison O.ô.
It's one of those things that a few years ago I thought it was snobbery from users, but something has clicked after using for a while. The system does what I want it to do, not less. And, a tad more importantly, not more.

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It's official. has become my go-to OS to test things.
Need to debug networking in a virtualisation environment? 's live "CD" it is.
Need to quickly test the deployment of X or Y? A VM it is.

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there's been quite a bit of research on the cognitive/health benefits of multilingualism, but I think the framing tends to be backwards. multilingualism isn't a bonus, but the default (historically, anthropologically, biologically). our species developed multilingual, and still is everywhere not too damaged by colonial steamrollers. monolingualism is a v recent development, an emergent artifact of a capitalist+racist society.

so we should be talking about the cognitive damage of monolingualism.

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