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After a documentation sprint, I finished the documentation for all of my types.
Including those allowing you to run an authoritative DNS server on , also as an ISP including PTR records for your IPv6/IPv4 subnets an all that.
It feels good to see the green build here:

The relevant commits:

Nice! Everything just works ^^

# freebsd-version

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Feelings / Marginally USPOL 

Felt angry seeing the stark difference in the whole US capitol security mess (BLM vs today), and that's a feeling I hardly ever experience.
Not because I particularly care about USPOL, but because the same double standards crap based on "race" and ideology happens everywhere.

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#HardenedBSD 13-CURRENT/amd64 and 12-STABLE/amd64 package repos updated. This is our first package build after #FreeBSD's switch to #git.

Recordatori que es poden fer servir els beneficis fiscals per això:

I que, en tots els aspectes, donar diners te més sentit que donar aliments.

r368820 was the last SVN commit to :-p.

"Mark the repository as being converted to Git.

This is the last Subversion commit to src."

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there is nothing more countercultural this year than hope and caring and mutual support, and nothing more mainstream than edgy doomsaying and competitive cynicism

this winter is a golden opportunity to be punk *as fuck*

Feu coses fantàstiques en les vostres llengües i deixeu-vos de complexes anacrònics, propis d'èpoques en que tot el que no fos grec era bàrbar, ignorant, incivilitzat.

For me, each individual's identity has always preceded their genitalia (including myself), so I've always been wary of people/situations for-whom/where that's a "defining/deciding factor".
This wonderful article by explores a similar instance of that

After a couple months of stable weight, having lost nearly 20kg, today is the first day I use pants my size and... Boy is that a difference.

TIL about precisely what I needed for a custom tool that is to be used in contexts fully alien to Software Development.

Bonus: turns out uses it, which means I'm on the right track here :-D.

Pulling the plug on a thing I deprecated about 2 years ago and people *still use*. Now I have to think about yet another "graceful" transition.
Jeez... dealing with computers (and people) is just the worst.

Grrr wie soll ich den Tag richtig anfangen, wenn die Tagesschau von gestern nicht verfügbar ist >,<.
Das ist "kritische" Infra :-D.

Much has been said about using scp being outdated and how rsync should be preferred over scp, but sometimes I just want `scp -3 host1:stuff host2:stuff`.

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Wir haben da mal im letzten halben Jahr eine Firma für Softwareentwicklung gegründet. Wir möchten selbstbestimmt arbeiten, eine respektvolle Unternehmenskultur pflegen & natürlich qualitativ hochwertige Software entwickeln:

War ein langer Weg, erschwert durch die Pandemie aber umso glücklicher sind wir jetzt, dass wir starten können :yayblob:

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After a couple of months work I can finally post a bit more about this. We finally got our company up and running 😸 🎉 Happy to work with people who share the same values regarding human interaction and technology.

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