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Amazed that this just happened.

While reviewing old HDDs with Linux VirtualBox VMs, I naturally opened Windows' PowerShell and used "scp" to retrieve data off the VMs for later analysis.

Yes, scp and ssh in Windows work just as they should O.ô.

✉️ Und hier dachte ich mir, mein Briefwahlantrag wäre verloren gegangen oder sonstiges.

Dass WählerInnen im Ausland nicht vom Amts wegen im Wählerverzeichnis eingetragen werden, und dass es gar kein Feedback gibt außer "(keine) Briefwahlunterlagen bekommen", fühlt sich super komisch an.

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Coneixeu Doncs ja té un bot al fediverse:


Us agrairé la difusió!

cc: @spla @EvitaObdu @evilham @asllibvallcarca @titi @giorgiograppa

FTR, @BastilleBSD beats iocage big time, for the very simple reason that it is not Python.

I use Python, I even like it. I wouldn't write a system utility in Python; starting the interpreter every time is a PITA.
By using simple shell scripts, it is both simpler to hack and significantly faster!

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I'm finishing my provisioning with @BastilleBSD (TBA soon), the only deal-breaker for me resulted in a PR which I'd very much like some feedback on; it works-beautifully-for-me (tm) with IPv6-only and dual-stack jails.
Reach out in the PR or here.

"L'accés a la xarxa és lliure de discriminació (Model Open-Access). Gràcies a la infraestructura pròpia, la ciutat de Zürich pot influenciar el preu, la qualitat, la velocitat de desplegament de la xarxa i garantir l'accés al servei. La ewz (empresa de la ciutat de Zürich) mateixa no ofereix serveis de fibra òptica directament als clients finals."

It's that time again when I see the trends in Open Source software going proprietary in workflow and, de facto, centralising power in Microsoft, Amazon and Google.


«For the absurd man it is not a matter of explaining and solving, but of experiencing and describing. Everything begins with lucid indifference.»

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«Living is keeping the absurd alive. Keeping it alive is above all contemplating it. Unlike Eurydice, the absurd dies only when we turn away from it»

Pandèmia CAT 

Em pregunto si la mateixa gent que minimitza els riscos actuals pandèmics compra loteria.
Seria d'aquelles incongruències i comportaments anumèrics monumentals.

These were the error messages, for posterity:
# zfs list Shared object "" not found, required by "zfs"
# pkg Shared object "" not found, required by "pkg"

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First time 's has bit me in the ass:
pkg autoremove decided that FreeBSD-openssl was to be removed, and suddenly zfs(8) pkg(8) and pretty much anything stopped working.

Luckily from when I patched base's pkg, I knew to run:
pkg-static add

Everything is back to normal, but something went seriously wrong there, and I wouldn't know how to reproduce it '-.-.

I wonder if I'm in the wrong when I look at a CV of a "Full Stack Engineer" and basically discard it because it is obvious they didn't put any effort in making it look decent. Care: not original! just decent, any decent-looking template would do.

Then I try to correct for a potential bias, look at it deeper and think "nope, this is all just buzzwords".

Maybe I just dislike most people "in tech".

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Contributing to free software requires privilege. Even regular contributors might sometimes find themselves without it.

Time, focus and money. You might find yourself lacking in one of these at various points in your life.

While software projects from startups move like streams, most free software projects move like glaciers. They move slowly but they keep moving for decades.

Being away from a project doesn't mean you have to give it up. You can join back later.

#FreeSoftware #Privilege

And this Merge Request addresses the bit that I find to be not-well-documented-enough.

Perks of OpenSource and in general ^^.

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Minor annoyances so far, unless specified they are documented with decent work-arounds:
- bunch of .pkgsave files when pkg detects the file existed previously
- duplicated rc-files (due to .pkgsave) --> things run twice on boot (awkward)
- duplicated .ko files (due to .pkgsave) --> modules "try to load twice" when needed (awkward)

- This is documented, but not with this perspective: Performing a system upgrade to a new version with pkgbase is a tad awkward due to the ABI change.

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Testing for , so far so good. Particularly using @meena's unofficial repo ( ) has been a breeze.

I know I could build and run my own repo, but she is a wonderful community member and I am not a fan of rebuilding all the things just because (e.g. these days it is hot enough in Barcelona without compiling :-D).

Accidentally upgraded a bunch of machines to 13.0-RELEASE-p2 without being aware that p2 was out X-D.

Dolibarr running on 🎉 (with based provisioning, because if you do it once, you do it twice).

I'm actually a tad surprised at how well Dolibarr
works in general.

Had a couple issues with how it expects the SMTP credentials to be able to send email from anyone, which is a tad absurd, but I managed to add a couple hacks to fix that.

DEmedia Israel 

Wie immer, jemand spricht viel besser darüber (auch wenn nicht DE-spezifisch)

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